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  • Abbie Cornish + Adel Altamimi Announce Their Engagement

    Match Engagement Ring Styles with Abbie Cornish Abbie Cornish received a ring similar in style to this split-shank platinum and diamond halo engagement ring. Click here for more details. Photo ©2019 EraGem Jewelry.


    Abbie Cornish said yes to Adel Altamimi and told her fans about it on Valentine's Day. She shared a couple of beautiful photos of her fiancé and her gorgeous ring on Instagram. Fashioned from platinum, her engagement ring features what appears to be a cushion-cut diamond set in a square diamond halo. The split-shank band is paved in smaller diamonds.


    Abbie Cornish Gushes About Her Fiancé

    Perhaps the most moving part of her Instagram posts are her thoughts about her fiancé. “I see a man that has evolved through this life in a way nobody I‘ve ever met has. A warrior. A champion. A believer. A lover. I respect you so much. The light you see is the light you give. Your mindset and patient heroism in this life is beyond…”

    She continues: “You’ve swept me off my feet my love. I have been waiting for you,” she continued. “The answer is yes! And may God share this light and love with us forever in his arms. Blessed be this day with you. We’ll never forget this anniversary! ; ) Happy Valentine’s Day to my fiancé.”

    Abbie Cornish is not the only one who has taken notice of Adel Altamimi's incredible qualities. His friends, his colleagues, and now the rest of us are standing up to take notice.


    Who is Adel Altamimi?

    Adel Altamimi grew up in Iraq. He began studying Kyokushin Karate at age 9, a practice he continued until switching to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in 2011.

    During the United States' war in Iraq, Adel worked as an independent contractor for the US Marines. While driving a convoys, a group of Al-Qaeda terrorists captured him, his cousin, and his best friend.

    The terrorists showed no mercy, cutting his cousin's and best friend's throats right almost immediately. With a blade to his neck, Adel stared death in the face. Fortunately, the Marines saved him from just in time.

    Eventually, Adel moved to Los Angeles. There, he began working at Unbreakable Performance, an exclusive training facility which offers training in MMA to Hollywood's elite.

    There, Adel trained Chris Pratt, who has become one of his primary supporters in his MMA career. On January 26, Adel made his professional debut at Bellator 214, winning the first round in his bid against competitor Brandon McMahon. Chris Pratt stood in Adel's corner, speaking highly of his good friend, "the fierce but humble warrior."


    Who is Abbie Cornish?

    Adel's fiancé sports her own brand of fierce. Born and raised in Lochinvar, New South Wales, Australia, Abbie Cornish grew up on a farm. At age 13, she made it into the finals of the Dolly Magazine modelling competition, an accomplishment which launched her straight into professional modeling.

    Two years later, she landed her first role in TV, playing a quadriplegic on the series Children's Hospital, which aired on the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Then, in 2000, she assumed the name MC Dusk and joined an Australian hip hop group. She rapped and wrote music with this group for about 4 years.

    She went on to win acting awards for other TV performances and landed her first movie role as murder victim Mickey Norris in the 2000 film The Monkey's Mask.

    Since then, Abbie Cornish has starred in films alongside Heath Ledger, Robert DeNiro, Hugo Weaving, Russell Crowe, Bradley Cooper, and many other Hollywood stars. Most recently, she assumed the role of Cathy Mueller in the 2018 TV series Jack Ryan.

  • Orlando Bloom Proposes to Katy Perry on Valentine's Day

    Orlando Bloom Proposed to Katy Perry with a similar gemstone and diamond halo ring Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry with this gorgeous ring's fraternal twin. A halo of large round diamonds rings a gorgeous demantoid garnet. Click here for more details. Photo ©2019 EraGem Jewelry.


    Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry on Valentine's Day with a gorgeous ruby and diamond halo ring fashioned from yellow gold. You can match this celebrity style nearly perfectly with this gorgeous gold ring set with a 1.29-carat, AGL-certified untreated demantoid garnet surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds.


    A Valentine's Day Proposal

    After recommitting to their relationship and spending countless hours on airplanes to keep each other first, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry discussed marriage. Unbeknownst to Katy, Orlando even discussed the possibility with her parents.

    However, a source shared with E! that Katy was surprised by Orlando's Valentine's Day proposal. (source) This source shared with the entertainment news group that after a romantic Valentine's dinner, Orlando prepared an intimate and private proposal. He slipped this gorgeous ring on her finger and then whisked her away to a surprise party.

    Surrounded by red heart balloons and a room full of her closest friends, Katy Perry celebrated her exciting news and even made time for a couple of selfies she shared with fans on Instagram.


    Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry

    It almost feels silly to include my usual, "Who are they?" post about two such famous celebrities. However, in researching their backgrounds, I did learn a thing or three I thought might be fun to share.

    First, both grew up in religious households. Raised by pastors, Katy Perry started singing in church at a young age and went on to launch a gospel album in her teens. Orlando Bloom's family raised him in the Church of England and enrolled him in a private Methodist elementary school.

    Both of them also started performing and practicing the dramatic and performing arts at a very young age. At age 9, Katy Perry took vocal training lessons with her sister, Angela. At age 13, she received her first guitar and began writing songs and performing in front of groups.

    Although Orlando struggled with academics at school, he flourished in the arts. He enjoyed photography, sculpting, pottery, and theater. He also wrote and performed poetry with his sister. At age 16, he moved to London where he spent two season performing with the National Youth Theater.

    He earned a scholarship at the British American Drama Academy and began auditioning for side roles in TV, a necessary step for many young actors. After appearing in several British dramas, he landed a role in the film Wilde in 1997.

    He later attended Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he met Peter Jackson. And then there was Legolas, his first epic role which launched his epic acting career.


    Katy Perry Finds Success

    Meanwhile, Katy Perry found favor with Capitol Records, signing with them in 2007. From there, her music career has skyrocketed. Her name appears on several of Forbes' lists of highest female earners in the music industry. She remains one of the most successful female musicians in the world.

    She has also worked in film and TV. In 2011, she brought Smurfette to life in The Smurfs and again in 2013 for its sequel. Most recently, she accepted a judging role on American Idol.

    I offer my sincerest wishes for happiness for these two superstars.

  • Danielle Fishel + Jensen Karp Wedding Details

    I promised a post on the Jensen and Karp wedding, so here you go. Their wedding inspires me in ways I cannot explain. This couple went to great lengths to please not only the bride, but every person who attended.


    A Custom Logo

    It began with a custom logo created for the couple by Clark Orr of CODC Studio. CODC specializes in graphic branding, bringing their designs and illustrations to life for companies seeking a blend of clever fun and classic design.

    For Danielle and Jensen, Clark created a block-print graphic featuring a pair of intertwined wedding bands set in a modern knot surrounded by two fish. The couple used this personalized logo for all their wedding stationery.


    A Romantic Venue

    When a venue cradles a wedding as beautifully as Carondelet House cradled the Karp wedding, words fall short. Exposed brick, Italian architecture with subtle Art Deco flourishes, an eclectic collection of grand chandeliers, large farmhouse windows, and a cabin-in-the-woods fireplace.

    Everything a couple needs to shelter their friends and family in warmth and love. Exterior courtyards and rustic interiors provided effortless backdrops for frameable photos.

    Cozy table settings featured sliced pomegranates, green pears, citrus tree foliage, and gorgeous rose blossom bouquets. Gold tumblers, smoky purple wine glasses, and rose gold tableware exuded rustic romance. Customized cowboy napkins featured place cards and fun facts about the couple.


    Karp Wedding Flourishes

    Danielle offers solid advice in her interview with GWS*: "Make as many details specific to the two of you as you can...those were the details that people commented on the most because they were unique to our wedding."

    The couple dispensed with several traditions, including toasts and speeches, parent dances, cake cutting, and obligatory photo ops. "...I just wanted everyone to have an amazing time and not be interrupted with more words and photo opportunities I don’t love anyway..." she told GWS.

    In addition to these personal touches, Danielle set her vendors free. Rather than micromanaging her florist and caterers, she gave them a few guidelines and let them run wild.

    For this reason, her bouquets and floral centerpieces included uncommon elements. Pampas grass plumes, vintage roses in shades of white, burgundy, and peach. Also, an elaborate hanging centerpiece over the nuptial altar featuring grasses, pampas blooms, fall foliage, and white roses.

    I could go on and on about this wedding. For more details, visit the above link to GWS. I am so inspired by the way Danielle and Jensen approached their wedding. I hope you are too.

    *Thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for the in-depth coverage of the Fishel-Karp wedding.

  • Catriona Balfe Engagement Ring Details


    Catriona Balfe wears an engagement ring similar to this gorgeous antique three-stone engagement ring. Catriona Balfe wears an engagement ring similar to this gorgeous antique three-stone engagement ring. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Catriona Balfe posed on the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globes wearing a gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring. It featured a large round diamond, flanked on either side by blue sapphires, set on a yellow gold band.


    Her Fiancé Tony McGill

    Catriona Balfe and Tony McGill kept seriousness of their 2-year relationship under the radar, until the Outlander actress's walk down the red carpet. Nearly a year later, fans yearn for more. Alas, the public must continue to trust Catriona's sole comment to People, "I'm very happy."

    Mum remains the word. Of course, a celebrity's silence rarely stops the rumor mill from grinding. Tony McGill has been identified (erroneously) as both an African-American clarinet player and a brawny Scottish snooker player.

    (For those not in the know, like me, snooker is a form of billiards in which a player uses the cue ball to sink the 15 colored balls into the pockets in a particular order.)

    In reality, Catriona's Tony is the former manager for the Fratellis, a Scottish band known for their grand performances which evoke "unbridled dancing, singalongs and a sweaty sense of fraternity." {source}

    He also composes music and co-owns a popular London bar called The Library Pub. The Library promotes itself as Islington's most popular late-night venue, featuring blues and jazz performances, comedy acts, film screenings, and art exhibitions. They serve Thai cuisine and a tasteful drink selection including cocktails, craft beers, wine, and spirits.


    Catriona Balfe

    Born in Dublin, Catriona Balfe moved to Paris at the age of 19, where she began a modeling career. For ten years, she modeled for top names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Armani, Chanel, and more.

    During her modeling career, Catriona lived in Paris, Milan, London, Hamburg, New York City, Tokyo, and more. In 2009, she left modeling and moved to LA to pursue her vocation as an actor.

    In 2013, Catriona Balfe landed the lead role in the hit TV series Outlander. To portray Claire Fraser, Catriona has drawn upon her experience as a model learning to acclimate herself to the customs and values the many different countries she called home.

    Playing such an honest, strong, and resilient character has been a dream for Catriona. In 2016, she told Vanity Fair, "I think that is such a great place to go to in your work every day — to play someone who has such resilience. It can only make you feel better about everything in your life. I feel very grateful to be able to go to work every day and play her." {source}

    Rumor has it that Catriona and Tony plan to tie the knot in Italy. We'll see if the rumor mill gets it right this time.

  • Danielle Fishel Engagement Ring Details

    Match engagement ring style with Danielle Fishel. Match engagement ring style with Danielle Fishel. Choose this gorgeous 1920s Old Euro Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Danielle Fishel said yes to Jensen Karp this past March. Her ring, difficult to see in photos, remained a bit of a mystery until they tied the knot this month.


    Danielle Fishel Engagement Ring Details

    In an exquisite reveal on the Green Wedding Shoes blog, I found a photograph of Danielle's gorgeous engagement ring and wedding band.

    Her engagement ring, custom designed by her then-fiancé, has the look and feel of an authentic antique diamond ring. It appears to be fashioned from platinum and features a central diamond weighing at least 3 carats.

    The prong-set diamond rests upon a throne of platinum which tapers down to pave-set shoulders. The sparkle this ring gives off must be dazzling.

    Her wedding ring was made by XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. You might recall reading that XIV Karats also had a hand in making an engagement ring for Cheryl Burke.


    Danielle Fishel Wedding Details

    Seriously, who knew that an LA wedding could be so beautifully warm and romantic? Danielle and Jensen infused their wedding with fall romance and unique personal touches.

    This beautiful wedding deserves a post of its own, so stay tuned. Briefly, I want to mention the gorgeous venue - Carondelet House. This gorgeous building offers a rustic retreat in a decidedly urban environment.

    I also want to mention the unique touches Danielle and Jensen included to make their wedding their own. They wrote their own vows which combined humor, sentiment, and romance. They had a custom logo made which they used for all their paper products.

    Place settings included customized napkins complete with fun facts about the couple. Table arrangements included elaborate displays of foliage and fruit, including sliced pomegranates and green pears.

    The bridal bouquets and flower arrangements erupted in plumes of pampas grass, a trend I hope to see carried on in upcoming weddings. Finally, the couple dispensed with some tired traditions, allowing for more face time with friends and family and less interruptions to the fun.

    Again, stay tuned for more on Jensen and Danielle's wedding.

  • Joanna Krupa Engagement and Wedding Details


    Match engagement ring style with Joanna Krupa Match engagement ring style with Joanna Krupa with this gorgeous halo engagement ring. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Joanna Krupa announced her engagement to Douglas Nunes this past March, surprising her fans with the news. Her engagement ring features what appears to be a cushion- or emerald-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds. Mounted on a platinum pave band, Joanna's ring is of course absolutely dazzling.


    Who is Joanna Krupa?

    Fans know Joanna Krupa from her former role in The Real Housewives of Miami. Born in Warsaw, Poland, her parents relocated to Chicago. At the age of 20, she left her home to pursue a dream in L.A. Not surprisingly, her beauty and talent turned her acting and modeling dream into reality.

    Since moving to the United States, Joanna Krupa has guest starred in popular TV shows, such as Las Vegas, CSI. She also competed with Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars.

    As a supermodel, Joanna has graced the covers of more than a hundred popular magazines. Her beauty captivated list-makers for GQ, Maxim, Playboy, and more, landing her in the spotlight of several "Hot 100" lists. Most recently, she has been in the spotlight for love.


    A Wedding in Poland

    Just five months after announcing her engagement, Joanna Krupa walked down the aisle with Douglas Nunes. Going back to her roots, the couple chose a venue in Krakow, Poland. They kept the ceremony simple and intimate.

    Joanna wore an elegant Sylwia Romaniuk gown with a mermaid silhouette. She wore her hair in a sleek bun. She wore a gorgeous art deco-style diamond cuff on her left wrist and drop diamond earrings.

    For her right wrist, she chose a unique red bracelet. She carried a gorgeous bouquet of white, blush, and dark pink peonies. Beautiful, elegant, simple.

  • Lauren Pesce Engagement Ring Details

    Match engagement ring style with Lauren Pesce With this gorgeous rose gold pave diamond halo ring, you can match engagement ring style with Lauren Pesce. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Lauren Pesce and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino announced their engagement on Instagram a few short months ago. Since then, Mike's proposal and their wedding are saved for posterity as part of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation series which has already begun showing on MTV.

    Who is Lauren Pesce?

    The answer to this question begins, only for us, on the campus of Monmouth University in New Jersey. Lauren and Mike both attended Monmouth, dating throughout their years there.

    In fact, Lauren and Mike dated from then until 2009, when Mike accepted the part on MTV's reality TV show, Jersey Shore. Lauren relates that they stayed friends after they parted ways, and that proves out in their reconnection after the show ended in 2012.

    During their time apart, Lauren Pesce graduated from LIM College in New York City with a degree in fashion merchandising. Her passion for fashion inspired her to begin her blog, called The Style Bae (which stands for Style Before Anything Else).

    Lauren worked for Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's as a fashion buyer. Now, she runs The Style Bae and works as a real estate agent in Monmouth County.


    Lauren Pesce Engagement Ring Details

    Although Lauren and Mike already tied the knot on November 1st, it's never too late to talk about engagement ring details. And Lauren's is a beauty!

    A 3-carat cushion-cut diamond nestles within a diamond halo. The sparkling combination rests atop a rose gold band paved in even more white diamonds.

    Lauren told USMagazine, "He made my dreams come true with the ring. I’m a type-A, picky person. I know exactly what I like when I see it. I had high expectations for when this happened and he went above and beyond my expectations. He really impressed me with all of it."

    Rose gold and diamonds with a large central stone are indeed a dream come true. Let us help you make your dreams come true, as well. We have a lovely selection of rose gold halo rings that are very similar to the one Mike Sorrentino gave his sweetheart.

  • Cheryl Burke Engagement Ring Details

    Match Cheryl Burke with this gorgeous diamond halo filigree engagement ring. Match Cheryl Burke with this gorgeous diamond halo filigree engagement ring. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    After a little on-again, off-again romance, Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence have finally made a commitment. The day before Cheryl’s birthday, Matthew invited her family and friends for a visit. Throughout the day, Cheryl had a hunch he might pop the question.


    Isn’t He Going to Ask?

    The day turned into night, and still no bended knee, no diamond ring. Finally, midnight rolled around, and she thought for sure he would surprise her in the first minute of her birthday.


    The next day, the couple headed to Laguna Beach. Every other minute, Cheryl received birthday flowers. Yet, nothing from Matthew. In fact, the only thing Matthew gave her was a hard time about taking so long in the shower.

    “You need to come out right now,” he pressed. {source}

    Perplexed at this out of character behavior, she complied. She heard a special song on the radio and saw a letter. He encouraged her to read it, but she felt a sudden terror that maybe this was the end of their relationship again.

    In print so tiny that she had to bring the paper right up to her nose to read it, Matthew had written, “Love you always and forever.”

    She turned to respond, only to find him kneeling before her. In a flood of emotion, she said yes. So he slipped a magnificent ring on her finger.


    Cheryl Burke Engagement Ring Details

    The ring Matthew Lawrence slipped on Cheryl Burke’s finger holds special significance for the celebrity dancing coach. Sadly, Cheryl’s father passed away this past spring.

    To include him in this special moment of their lives, Matthew Lawrence met with Cheryl’s mother. She agreed to give him the diamond Cheryl’s father had given her. Matthew took the diamond to XIV Karats in Beverly Hills.

    Together with her mother and his, Matthew instructed the jewelers to craft a unique and precious ring for his beloved. The diamond from her father centers the ring within two intertwined circles. A halo of diamonds surrounds design, and the platinum or white gold band also shimmers with diamonds.

    Choosing an antique setting to set an heirloom diamond is a beautiful way to commemorate a lost loved one into your engagement ring. Give us a call today to discuss our custom designs.

  • Taraji P Henson Engagement Ring Details

    Match engagement ring style with Taraji P Henson

    Choose this Tiffany diamond solitaire to match engagement ring style with Taraji P Henson. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    We know that Kelvin Hayden made a big purchase at Cartier this past May for Taraji P Henson. On Mother’s Day he presented the Empire actress with Cartier Love bracelet that matched the one he bought for himself.

    She Said Yes!
    A little later in the day, he added to her delight when he dropped to his knee and presented her with a stunning diamond solitaire. She wrote on Instagram that she almost passed out. Thankfully, she managed to stay awake, at least long enough to say YES.

    On Instagram, the usually private actress shared how happy Kelvin has made her in the past two years. “...I think that it’s important for people to know that I’m very happy. I just am,” she told Yes Girl!

    Taraji P Henson started dating former NFL cornerback Kelvin Hayden in 2015. The actress expressed to People that though Hayden supports her 100%, he pays more attention to who she is than to what she does. “He loves me for me,” she said.

    Taraji P Henson Engagement Ring Details
    Hayden expressed his love in jewels, which of course we think is such a great idea! First in Cartier Love, followed by a gorgeous rose gold and diamond solitaire band.

    We estimate the round brilliant diamond weighs between 4 and 6 carats. Certainly, he might have purchased the ring from Cartier at the same time as he purchased the bracelet.

    However, Hayden might have chosen the esteemed Tiffany & Co. Her ring could certainly be a classic Tiffany Setting, the original 6-prong platinum setting for solitaire diamonds.

    Whether you like Tiffany or Cartier, we can help you match your engagement ring style with Taraji P Henson. Give us a call today to learn more about our diamond solitaire engagement rings.

  • Hailey Baldwin Engagement Ring Details

    Transitional Cut Diamond Ring GIA Match Hailey Baldwin Engagement Ring Style with this GORGEOUS transitional cut diamond ring. Click here for details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry


    Hailey Baldwin received a gorgeous engagement ring from singer Justin Bieber. In pursuit of the perfect ring, he consulted with his manager, Scooter Braun.


    Solow & Co., Inc.

    Braun directed Bieber to Jack Solow of Solow & Co., Inc. Justin's team relayed specifics to Solow, including metal choice and overall style.

    They leaned on Jack for suggestions about stone type and shape. Justin told Jack that Hailey wanted a gorgeous band sparkling with diamonds.

    Solow showed Bieber many cuts, sizes, and shapes of diamonds. Justin determined to choose a stone that would accentuate the model's beautiful hands.

    After completing the design and production of the ring, Jack Solow delivered the ring to Justin himself. In fact, Justin received the ring the night before he and Hailey left for a trip to the Bahamas.


    A Bahamas Dream

    Pristine beaches and peaceful aqua waters, with forests of mangroves and stands of palm trees. Welcome to paradise, Bahamas style, at Baker's Bay on Great Guana Cay.

    The day after receiving Hailey's engagement ring, Justin Bieber flew Hailey to this luxury resort island. While vacationing, they took in a night of salsa dancing.

    Partway through the night, the crowd grew restless as Justin's security detail began instructing dancers to put their phones away. "Something special is about to happen," was their only clue.

    Suddenly, Justin knelt on one knee in front of Hailey. Of course, she said YES. So, he slipped that gorgeous ring on her finger.


    Hailey Baldwin Engagement Ring Details

    Hailey Baldwin expressed joy and pleasure when Justin Bieber slipped that ring on here finger. Made of 18k gold, her ring features a stunning elongated oval cut diamond weighing between 6 and 10 carats.

    The band features a single row of sparkling diamonds with a smattering of diamonds in the gallery. The overall effect is brilliance!

    Like transitional cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds accentuate long fingers and elongate shorter fingers. Both are an excellent choice for women who want to draw extra attention to their hands.

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