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  • Serena Williams Rocks it with a Gargantuan Wedding Ring


    Serena Williams Style - Go Big! Go Big or Go Home. Nothing compares to Serena Williams' massive wedding ring. But you can go big like the tennis goddess with this spectacular Edwardian Era Natural Pearl and Old Euro Cut diamond ring. Click here for more details. Photo © 2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Serena Williams announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian with photos of them together in Rome. Instead of seeing her ring, though, fans got to see tacos. Yep, you heard me right. In yet another display of her awesome sense of humor, Serena kept her fans guessing with different incarnations of tacos superimposed over her ring.

    That was almost a year ago. Since then, Serena Williams gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, named Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. She also got married to her baby's daddy, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Sr. And now she's sporting what I believe will come to be known as the wedding ring of the century.

    Serena Williams Rocks Out

    One massive emerald-cut diamond nearly bumps her knuckle. It seems to hover above the rest of the ring. The ring begins as an eternity band made of yellow gold and paved entirely in white diamonds. A concave opening allows her massive engagement ring, also fashioned of brilliant yellow gold, to nest within the wedding band. Three exquisite pear-cut diamonds drip off the edges of the eternity band.

    It is difficult to describe in words the dimensionality and originality this ring possesses. Oh, to see it in person. And in the post that highlighted it, a photo of Serena and Alexis hanging out together, demonstrates how used to the rock Serena has become. "Daddy knows how much I love leopard print," says Olympia!

    Come on! Daddy knows how much Mommy loves STYLE. Stylish is the only descriptive for this bling. It is a style completely unique, indescribable, and absolutely perfect for the Goddess of Tennis.


    The Serve

    It started one morning at a Roman hotel. For real!

    Serena Williams sits with her friends poolside, lamenting the fact that they missed the breakfast buffet. Awaiting their order, a techy nerd comes up and plops himself at their table.

    Why on earth didn't he sit at his own table? Who is this guy, anyway?

    "Aye, mate. There's a rat," says Aussie Zane Haupt. He's hoping to scurry the guy along.

    "I'm from Brooklyn. I see rats all the time," says the interloper.

    Serena Williams, realizing they're at an impasse, invites the stranger to remain and join them for breakfast. She bounces her ball and makes her serve, asking her new table mate about the conference he's attending.


    The Volley

    Only he's not just an attendee. He's a speaker for the Festival of Media Global. He tells her about Reddit, the social media site he and his buddy founded together. She acts as though she knows about it, but it's clear she doesn't.

    She tells him about tennis. He's figured out that she's Serena Williams. But that's about all he knows about tennis. He doesn't fake it, but he also chooses to keep secret that he finds tennis a cure for insomnia.

    She offers him her number, but only because she might want to ask him some more techie questions. He takes her number and slides it somewhere safe.


    Love - Love

    One of Serena's friends invites him to the tennis match that night. He gets to ride in their van. Serena won, of course, but an injury handicapped her performance. She invited Alexis to join them for dinner, but he had other plans. So she texted him, lamenting the fact that he didn't see her play at her best.

    Come to Paris, she wrote. See me play better. Alexis figured she didn't really mean it, that she was just being nice. But he showed up anyway. Serena showed up, too, and they took an Uber into the City of Love. For six hours, they stepped outside of time, outside of the spotlight, and enjoyed the city as tourists. Together. {source}

    For the next year they learn to respect and love each other more and more deeply. She inspires him. He inspires her. They romance each other. And in December, they find themselves once again at that table in the restaurant of that Roman hotel.



    It took some doing for Alexis to convince Serena to join him in Rome that December (2016). With a match in India on the books for Serena, the plan seemed simple. A quick stopover in Rome, done and done.

    However, the exhibition in India was canceled. Serena saw it as an opportunity to throw herself into training for the Australian Open. Suddenly, Alexis had to call in the big guns. Dakota Baynham packed Serena's bags in secret. Tommy Hilfiger invited her for an impromptu fashion meeting at his Palm Beach home. A trip to the airport was required.

    At some point, Serena's friend Jill informed her that Alexis wanted to surprise her with a spontaneous trip to Rome. Serena responded in anger. She grew angrier on the plane, as she realized what was coming. But this is what she wanted.

    And so, when she arrived and found herself sitting there at the table, with a plastic rat staring at her, watching her lover get down on one knee, she said, "Yes."


    Match Point

    With an announcement on Reddit, Serena Williams proclaimed to the world that she would soon become Mrs. Reddit. Alexis Ohanian posted on Reddit a Snoo made to look like his bride-to-be, with the title, "The Future Mrs. Kn0thing." "You're also a really cute Snoo," he wrote. Later, he added, "She said yes." {source}

    Months after their engagement, they welcomed baby girl Olympia. And in November 2017, the couple wed at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.

  • Gina Rodriguez Engagement Ring Details


    Gina Rodriguez style Art Deco Engagement Ring It's her style! Gina Rodriguez received an Art Deco-style engagement ring from Joe LoCicero. Why not match her style with this genuine Art Deco diamond ring? Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Actress Gina Rodriguez received a stunning Art Deco engagement ring from her fiancé, Joe LoCicero. It features a solitaire diamond of moderate carat weight surrounded by a platinum plate to increase shine and light refraction. We think he made an awesome choice!


    Art Deco Engagement Rings

    Art Deco engagement rings feature diamonds. Lots and lots of diamonds. Also, glistening, sparkling, dazzling platinum. Not only that, but Art Deco engagement rings are antiques. Worn by lovers of old, these jewels carry the essence of love and impart it to all who wear them.

    When you choose an Art Deco ring for your beloved, You're taking the "something old" tradition a whole step further, declaring that your love will also make history.

    Meeting on Set

    Speaking of making history, it might be hard to top the first meeting of Joe LoCicero and Gina Rodriguez. It began on the set of Gina's show Jane the Virgin. Joe showed up in character, as Don Quixote, with a twist. This Don made his living as a stripper. Since their first meeting, Joe has appeared on Jane the Virgin two more times, once as Prince Charming and another time as a masked figure.

    It wasn't love at first sight for Gina. However, Joe put in the effort to show up at her favorite boxing ring six months later. As Ryan (of the Kelly & Ryan Show) said, "That doesn't happen unless he does a little research and tracks you down." {source}

    It was off set where their romance blossomed. They debuted their relationship on the red carpet during Marie Claire's first annual Young Women's Honors gala. Later, Gina debuted her engagement ring on the red carpet during the premiere of her movie Smallfoot.

    In between red carpet events, the two have developed a relationship characterized by love, respect, and support. "I'm marrying a feminist," Gina told Us Weekly. "[He] is incredible and loving and understanding and kind and patient. I am marrying a really incredible human being." {source}


    Gina Rodriguez, An Incredible Woman

    Of course, he has to be an amazing man to partner in life with an incredible woman like Gina Rodriguez. Early in her American life, Gina wondered where all the Puerto Ricans came from. The shows she watched never featured people of her ethnicity. In fact, she believed her parents must have started the Puerto Rican race. {source}

    This burning question turned into a passion for setting an example for other Latina girls to follow. She dreamed of being an actor from a very early age. Through her platform, she has succeeded in doing her part to change the way Latinos, Latinas in particular, have been portrayed in pop culture.

    Her success as Jane has launched a whole generation of young ladies who finally have a host of Latina models to look up to. While the show appears at first glance to be just another dramatic telenovela. In truth, the creators of the show have wrapped authentic relationships in a puffy pastry of comedic energy and fun.

    Also, behind the scenes, Gina Rodriguez sets the stage for an atmosphere of comradery, respect, and kindness. If the star of the show treats others well, then the rest will follow. It has proven true so far.

    We congratulate the happy couple and wish them well as they plan for their future nuptials.



  • Ellie Goulding Engagement Ring Details

    Ellie Goulding look-alike engagement ring Match celebrity Ellie Goulding in her engagement ring style with this GORGEOUS 2.4- carat Old Mine Cut Antique Diamond Engagement Ring. Click here for more details. Photo [c] 2018 EraGem Jewelry.

    Ellie Goulding said yes to Caspar Jopling this past August. As a token of their promise, he slipped a beautiful diamond ring on her finger. The ring appears to be made of platinum, with a central round or cushion cut diamond. The band features smaller diamond accent stones.


    Match with Ellie Goulding

    While not a perfect match, we believe this pictured Old Mine Cut antique diamond ring captures the essence of Ellie Goulding's engagement ring. The GIA-certified central stone weighs 2.4 carats. The band is made from platinum. The crown, shoulders, and band sparkle with 62 round single cut diamonds.

    Altogether, nearly 6 carats in diamonds create a flashing sparkle of beautiful brilliance. Fashioned in the 1930s, this stunning antique sparkler embodies the style of Ellie Goulding.


    Who is Ellie Goulding?

    Ellie Goulding topped the UK album charts with the debut of Lights in 2010. Her subsequent releases, Halcyon in 2012 and Delirium in 2015, continued to inspire her UK fans. In addition, she is an avid runner, having participated in several marathons for charity.

    Her charitable acts go beyond running, though. She participates annually in the BBC telethon, Children in Need. In 2012, she raised funds for the Free the Children charity. She has used her music to promote the cause of the homeless, impoverished children, and even the victims of Ebola in West Africa. In October 2017, the United Nations awarded Ellie with the Global Leadership Award in recognition of her environmental and social activism.

    She also loves art.


    Enter Caspar Jopling

    It's not certain how Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling first met. Some speculate Princess Eugenie introduced them. {source} No doubt, Princess Eugenie calls them both friends.

    We suspect that no matter how they met, art plays a huge role in keeping them together. Caspar Jopling works in the contemporary art department at Sotheby's London. His Instagram feed plays host to far more photos of contemporary art than it does to Ellie (or Elena, as he calls her).

    W Magazine reports that their vacations together generally revolve around art, including visits to Art Basel Miami Beach and the Storm King Art Center. {source) Furthermore, they teamed up to curate an auction at Sotheby's of some of their favorite contemporary artists - Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, Agnes Martin, and more. {source}

    There is more to their love than art, though.


    The Rest of Our Lives

    The formal announcement of their engagement appeared in the marriages section of the London Times on August 7, 2018:

    The engagement is announced between Caspar, son of The Hon Nicholas Jopling of Yorkshire and Mrs Jayne Warde-Aldam of Yorkshire, and Elena, daughter of Mr Arthur Goulding of Herefordshire and Mrs Tracey Sumner of West Midlands.

    Following the formal announcement, Ellie and Caspar both made more informal announcements on their Instagram page. Ellie's words are just about everywhere on the web, as she pours out her heart in a rare public display of affection: "...we've had so many beautiful messages of support and love the past few days, as have our families, that we wanted to say thank you so much!" {source}

    She goes on to address her love: "You're the most wonderful person I've ever known, and I can't wait to be your very giggly, in awe and loved up wife x". {source}

    Caspar's message is the one that truly moves my heart, demonstrating how deeply in love these two really are: "I get to spend the rest of my life with this truly extraordinary and beautiful, beautiful person. No one has ever made me feel more full of life, knowledge, happiness, or love. Hope, passion, confidence, and more love. There is no one I have ever been more complete with and there is no one I will ever feel more complete with. I look forward to a lifetime of exploring the world together, crying with laughter at stupid jokes, chatting into the early hours of the morning about art, music, the world, and the future. I love you Elena."


    Enough said. Congratulations to Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling. May your love bring you all the riches the Universe has to offer.


  • Franck Muller Watch at Sotheby's Auction

    This Franck Muller Watch Belonged to Robin Williams. Lot 125, Creating a Stage: The Collection of Marsha & Robin Williams. Photo courtesy Sotheby's.


    Next week this Franck Muller tourbillon minute repeater wristwatch goes on sale at Sotheby's, on October 4th. One of 44 watches from the collection of Robin Williams, this watch may represent the pinnacle of Robin Williams's horologic virtuosity.


    Stewarding Time

    The person who owns a Franck Muller tourbillon minute repeater wristwatch stewards time well. Some people admire watches. Other people wear watches. Still others collect them. However, very few people curate them. Clearly, Robin Williams belonged to this final group of elite watch collectors.

    For one thing, minute repeaters represent the rarest of the rare in complications. A minute repeater translates the mechanics of time into a symphony of sound. Like a grandfather clock, it dongs, ding dongs, and chimes the time in hours and minutes.


    Minute Repeaters

    Today minute repeaters are a curiosity, a pleasure for pleasure's sake. However, in England, during the 17th and 18th centuries, they were a necessity. Scant streetlights and dim candlelight prompted watchmakers to design a watch that sounded the time at the touch of a button.

    This complex mechanism requires a level of skill and craftsmanship which grows rarer and rarer with each passing year. The device requires as many as 100 Lilliputian components, with names like fingers, snails, jumpers, star wheels, and surprise pieces. {source} Once assembled, the master craftsman must tune the repeater so that it resounds just right to the human ear.

    Today, experts believe only 50 Swiss watchmakers possess the requisite skills to craft one. {source} For the most exquisitely crafted minute repeater, it might take as long as two years to complete one. {source}

    In addition to being a minute repeater, this Franck Muller specimen also includes a visible tourbillon.


    What is a Tourbillon?

    Mechanical watches notoriously lose or gain time, depending on which positions they find themselves in throughout the day. In order to combat gravity, watchmakers developed the tourbillon. A tourbillon encompasses the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage.

    As the entire assembly slowly rotates throughout the day, the tourbillon serves to average out positional errors in timekeeping. Watches first featured tourbillons about 200 years ago. Until early in the last century, watchmakers mounted these rotating cages on the backside of their wares.

    Franck Muller, a true contemporary artist, transformed what had become an obsolete mechanism into an art form. He was the first designer to incorporate a tourbillon into a watch face design. Over the years, Franck Muller continues to refine and revise his front-facing tourbillon designs.

    Some of them revolve elegantly in a cage, like a steampunk wonder. Others, like the imperial tourbillon on Robin Williams's watch, resemble barometric pressure gauges held in place by a portion of an airplane propeller.


    Franck Muller's Genius

    Franck Muller's visible tourbillon, along with his commitment to ingenuity and horologic mastery, secured recognition for him as a Master of Complications. Every year, during their World Premiere, Franck Muller and his team release at least one brand new complication to the world of watchmaking.

    Established in the 1980s, Franck Muller operates out of Genthod, in the countryside of Geneva, Switzerland. His grand estate houses nearly every aspect of the watchmaking process. Located in what he calls an "enchanting and poetic environment," Watchland provides all the inspiration and peace the artist and his team need to create and innovate with abandon. {source}

    Today, Franck Muller continues to push the boundaries of his craft, taking the artistry of watchmaking into the stratospheres. His tourbillon minute repeater watches are among the most exclusive and exquisite collectors items sought by horologic connoisseurs.

    On October 4th, you have the opportunity to add a Franck Muller creation to your collection. Not only that, but this watch is even rarer for having been cherished by one of America's most beloved actors, Robin Williams.

    For more information, we invite you to visit Sotheby's website.

  • Sotheby's Exhibits "The Collection of Marsha & Robin Williams"

    Robin Williams Dead Poets Society Watch by Hamilton Watch Co. Robin Williams Dead Poets Society Watch by Hamilton Watch Co. Photo Courtesy Sotheby's.


    Robin Williams truly personified entertainment. In the wake of his tragic suicide, he left a hole in the movie industry, as well as in the hearts of his fans. Of course, the hole he left in his family is the most keenly felt by all.

    As a tribute to his life, his second wife, Marsha Garces Williams, along with their children, partnered with Sotheby's to release a portion of their art and personal collections for exhibition and sale.


    The Collection of Marsha & Robin Williams

    In the nearly 20 years they were married, Marsha and Robin Williams collected decorative art, fine art, and outsider art for their home. The majority of the pieces represented gifts they gave each other, "as different pieces would remind us of each other," Marsha told Sotheby's. {source}

    Marsha explained that they "chose things that made us laugh, think, or want to be its caretakers for a period of time so that we could see them regularly." The pieces that "elicited immediate responses from ourselves, each other, family and friends" became their most beloved. {source}

    Sotheby's calls it "an uncommon collection," populated with film, entertainment, and sports memorabilia; Contemporary and Outsider art; bicycles; furniture and decorative pieces; and our favorite, roughly 40 designer watches.

    "He was always the creature of habit, so he would wear a specific watch all the time for a while. And then he would fall in love with another one," Marsha told Sotheby's. {source}


    Robin Williams' Watches

    Robin Williams owned a sizable collection of designer watches. Of course, he wore the biggest names in luxury jewelry - Cartier, Bulgari, and Dior.

    He also wore watches crafted by the most prestigious watchmakers in the world - Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Audemars Piguet.

    The entertainer clearly favored Graham, Swiss watchmakers since 1695. He also compiled a fair number of watches by IWC. Founded in 1868, by an American, the International Watch Company combines precision engineering with timeless design.

    Robin Williams had a keen eye for design, precision, and fine craftsmanship. This month, Sotheby's offers a rare opportunity for those traveling to New York.


    The Exhibition

    On September 29, 2018, at the York Avenue Galleries in Manhattan, Sotheby's offers a singular view into the artistic taste of one of America's most beloved actors.

    In addition to the forty watches Robin Williams owned, the exhibition also features paintings, sculptures, bicycles, decorative arts, and movie memorabilia.


    The Dead Poets Watch

    Indeed, visitors can view the watch featured above, which Robin Williams wore in his acclaimed role as Keating in Dead Poets Society.

    Crafted by Hamilton Watch Co., the watch features a silvered two-tone dial with applied gold-plated Arabic numerals. The case is plated with yellow gold, and the stainless steel back is engraved: "Robin Williams Dead Poets Society 1988."

    Catch a few glimpses of this movie watch, as well as one of the best scenes from the film, in this video clip. Then, head into Manhattan for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the collection of Marsha & Robin Williams on display at Sotheby's Art Gallery.


    Details and information available on Sotheby's website.

  • Priyanka Chopra's Engagement Ring Details

    Priyanka Chopra's engagement ring look-alike This Tiffany & Co Classic Diamond Solitaire is the perfect celebrity look-alike for Priyanka Chopra's engagement ring. Click here to make it yours. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    This gorgeous Tiffany & Co. classic diamond solitaire captures perfectly the essence of Priyanka Chopra's engagement ring. A single round brilliant diamond weighing a little more than half a carat serves as the central stone. Mounted on yellow gold, the diamond itself features a platinum six-prong head.


    Priyanka Chopra's Engagement Ring

    Nick Jonas shut down Tiffany's in London to choose the perfect classic solitaire for his sweetheart. Priyanka Chopra's engagement ring features a cushion cut diamond weighing approximately 4 carats.

    Tapered baguette diamonds provide extra bling. The actress and singer proposed to his sweetheart on her 36th birthday in London this past July.


    Roka Ceremony in Mumbai

    One month later to the day, the couple celebrated their engagement in Mumbai. In excess of 200 family members and friends attended the celebration. Accordingly, Ms. Chopra's family booked roughly 200 rooms in a local hotel for out-of-town guests.

    Dressed in traditional Indian attire, the couple received the blessings of the Hindu priest, who performed the puja. Puja is a prayer ritual that ensures a prosperous and happy life for the couple.

    Following the ceremony, a huge party ensued with lots of colors, dancing, and merriment.


    Who is Priyanka Chopra?

    Priyanka Chopra's parents, Dr. Ashok Chopra and Dr. Madhu Chopra, serve as army physicians in India. Growing up in India, Priyanka began her acting career in Bollywood. In 2006, she held the acclaimed position of #2 actress in Bollywood.

    Her skills as an actress brought her to America. Priyanka Chopra landed the lead role of Alex Parrish in ABC hit series, Quantico. In between filming for the TV show, she also played the role of Victoria Leeds in the 2017 film, Baywatch, produced by Paramount Pictures.

    Nick and Priyanka made their first debut as a couple at the Met Gala in May 2017. According to an interview she gave on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the couple met at the gala. They both wore Ralph Lauren. As such, they were expected to sit at the designer's table during the gala. So they decided to attend together.

    One year later, the first photos of the couple surfaced. A Memorial Day Weekend cruise on a yacht, a night of theater at the Hollywood Bowl, and a night of America's favorite pastime. Romance was definitely in the air.

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  • Natasha Halevi's Engagement Ring Details

    Look-alike for Natasha Halevi's engagement ring Tiffany & Co Classic Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring. A beautiful look-alike for Natasha Halevi's engagement ring. For more details, click here. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Sean Gunn, who played Kirk in Gilmore Girls, asked Natasha Halevi to marry him. Emphatically, she responded, "a million times." {source}

    Natasha Halevi's engagement ring is a classic diamond solitaire on a smooth yellow gold band. Similarly, we offer this gorgeous Tiffany & Co. diamond solitaire. This ring is a great look-alike option if you're going for celebrity style.


    Natasha Halevi's Engagement Ring Details

    Not a lot is known about Halevi's engagement ring at this time. One social media picture posted by Gunn reveals a gorgeous diamond solitaire set in the six-prong setting most often associated with Tiffany & Co.

    The band appears to be yellow gold, and we approximate the diamond to weigh between 2 and 3 carats. We adore the simple elegance of a timeless classic.


    An Authentic Japanese Experience

    The couple traveled together to Kyoto, Japan in early June of this year. They stayed at the Suiran hotel during their trip. One of several Luxury Collection Hotels, the Suiran in Kyoto features a peaceful setting along the Hozu River.

    The hotel promises an authentic Japanese experience which blends the relaxation of heaven with the modern conveniences of a vibrant city. The resort draws its inspiration from traditional Japanese culture.

    It is in the midst of this cultural experience that Gunn proposed to his sweetheart. Of course, she said yes.


    Who Is Natasha Halevi?

    A native of California, graduate of UC Davis, whitewater rafter, interpretive ranger, rock climber, biological technician, and more. Halevi spent two college summers working at Yosemite National Park and later took up rock climbing in Colorado. She is a strong advocate for green building and design.

    She hosted a radio show about green building and helped design. Furthermore, she helped design and build over 20 LEED-certified buildings in Colorado. Soon after, she pursued acting.

    Her more notable film credits include several comedies. In particular, the self-proclaimed "awkward comedy," Lunch Break Feminist Club. She also starred in the first slasher film ever set in prehistoric times, B.C. Butcher. Clearly, she has a penchant for comedy and entertainment for entertainment's sake.


    Without reservation, it is our pleasure to congratulate the two actors on their engagement. We wish them abundant wedded bliss.

  • Princess Eugenie's Engagement Ring Details

    Princess Eugenie's engagement ring look-alike Vintage Kunzite Diamond Halo Ring 14K Gold. A look-alike for Princess Eugenie's engagement ring. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.



    Princess Eugenie's engagement ring features a gorgeous colored sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds, set in yellow gold. The central stone is a stunning oval-cut padparadscha sapphire.


    Princess Eugenie's Engagement Ring Details

    A gorgeous oval-cut padparadscha sapphire sits center stage in Princess Eugenie's engagement ring. Surrounding it are approximately fourteen smaller diamond rounds clustered tightly together. An additional diamond sits on each shoulder of the yellow gold ring.

    Padparadscha sapphires are rare and beautiful. They shimmer in shifting shades of coral, orange, and pink.

    "Why I loved it so much is it changes colour from every different angle that you look at it, which is what I think of Eugenie, that she changes colour, and it's just so amazing," Jack told the BBC. {source}


    A Romantic Proposal - Without the Ring

    Jack Brooksbank planned to propose to his princess as a culmination to their seven-year relationship. He found what he thought was the perfect ring for her, but he didn't purchase it right then.

    Instead, he left with his sweetheart for a trip to Nicaragua. As the sun set below the horizon, the couple sat together, gazing upon a beautiful lake scene. A magnificent volcano rose in the distance, birds flew overhead, and Princess Eugenie said, "This is an incredible moment." {source}

    Jack expanded the moment by asking for her hand in marriage. Completely surprised, Princess Eugenie said yes.

    "I was over the moon, crying," she told the BBC. {source}

    The only thing missing was Eugenie's engagement ring. Jack wanted her approval before he made the purchase. So when they returned from their trip, they went straight to the jeweler's. Together, they embellished the gorgeous stone with the halo of diamonds.


    What's Next for the Princess?

    A wedding awaits the princess, of course. Jack and Eugenie will exchange vows at St. George's Chapel on October 12, 2018.

    The Queen's granddaughter currently holds ninth place in line for the throne, though she is unencumbered by royal engagements.

    Princess Eugenie works as associate director of an art gallery. Her fiance works as a wine merchant.

    The princess's mother looks forward to their future with "total joy" and excitement. "Eugenie is one of the finest people I know and so together it will be pure harmony," Sarah Ferguson wrote about their engagement. {source}

  • Meghan Markle Engagment Ring Details

    Meghan Markle's engagement ring is similar to this three-stone engagement ring Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring resembles this three-stone diamond ring set in yellow gold.  Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Meghan Markle wears an engagement ring that carries great sentimental significance for her and her husband, Prince Harry. To begin with, Prince Harry designed it himself. He chose yellow gold for the setting, "because that's her favorite." (source)


    One Diamond from Botswana

    Furthermore, Prince Harry sourced the central stone for Miss Markle's engagement ring from Botswana. This gorgeous stone appears to weigh 3 carats and is faceted in what looks like the cushion cut. Following Princess Diana's death, Prince Charles took his sons on safari in Africa to get away from the hubbub surrounding their mother's death.

    Prince Harry fell in love with Africa on safari. In the years that followed, he delved into the complexities of wildlife conservation. Every summer, he spends up to two months in Africa with the genuine and authentic folks involved in saving the earth's untamed, unadulterated places.

    For their third date, Prince Harry invited Meghan Markle to spend five days camping in Botswana. A huge amount of land in Botswana enjoys protection from the government. Beneath the stars in this untouched land, Prince Harry and Miss Markle fell deeper in love, both with each other and with Botswana.


    Two Diamonds from Home

    The two accent diamonds flanking the central stone on Meghan Markle's engagement ring came from Harry's mother, Princess Diana. He wanted to make sure his mom came along on their crazy journey together.

    Meghan expressed such gratitude for Harry's thoughtfulness in designing the ring. Princess Diana's diamonds remind her of the people she knows who also knew and loved Prince Harry's mother. Getting to know them allows her to feel close to knowing Princess Diana. Even though she is gone in body, she remains present with them through those who once knew and loved her.

    "I think everything about Harry's thoughtfulness and the inclusion of [his mother's diamonds]...is incredibly special," she told Town & Country in an interview.

    When asked what his mother would think of Meghan, Prince Harry expressed a longing to have her with him again. Both Megan and Harry agree that the diamonds on her engagement ring remind them that Princess Diana is with them, "jumping up and down somewhere else," Prince Harry said. (source)

  • Katharine McPhee's Engagement Ring Details

    Katharine McPhee's Engagement Ring Shares Similar Features as this Gorgeous Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Wedding Set Platinum Katharine McPhee's Engagement Ring Shares Similar Features as this Gorgeous Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Wedding Set. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Katharine McPhee's engagement ring sparkles and shimmers just as much as she does.


    Katharine McPhee's Engagement Ring Details

    Set in platinum, her diamond halo ring features an emerald-cut diamond which she wears in a north-south direction. We estimate the stone to weigh between 3 and 4 carats. A diamond halo frames the magnificent stone. The band features a split shank paved in delicate diamonds, as well.

    Canadian musician and music producer, David Foster, slipped the ring on Katharine's finger on top of a mountain in Anacapri, Italy. Anacapri is a pristine island off the coast of Sorrento, Italy. Any mountain top vista affords 360-degree views of the Gulf of Naples and the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was "totally dark, only stars," McPhee told ET!

    Foster's rep confirmed their engagement on July 3, 2018. McPhee shared the news with fans and friends on Instagram. But the ring was a close-kept secret for weeks.


    Tragedy Prompts Katharine to Share Her Joy

    Unfortunately, tragedy struck when McPhee's father died unexpectedly in mid-July. "My ring was the last thing I showed my dad before he passed and makes me smile when I look at this as a reminder of our last conversation," the Waitress actress wrote on Instagram.

    In the photo, McPhee's engagement ring sparkles front and center. Her happiness is evident, though dampened a bit by the grief of the week. "And now I'm ready to share with all of you what has been my sunshine amongst this painful loss."

    Drawing strength and wisdom from her partner, she decides to celebrate life and remember love.


    David & Katharine's Romance

    David and Katharine met during the filming of American Idol in 2006. McPhee competed on the show, and David served as a mentor to the competitors. In November 2017, Foster produced McPhee's first single.

    Onlookers remarked about the special bond McPhee and Foster shared from the beginning of their working relationship. Though absolutely dedicated to his work, Foster carved special time out to spend with McPhee.

    We wish the couple the best of luck as they plan their wedding.

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