Ring Sizing

We offer complimentary resizing whenever possible prior to shipping. Most rings can be resized to fit but some will be restricted by the style of the ring how much they can be enlarged or made smaller if any at all. We state in each listings which rings can be resized and which cannot but resizing should be discussed individually for each ring in every case. Please use the “email us” link in the listing before purchasing to let us know the size needed so that we can confirm it is safe for the ring.

The best way to get an accurate size is to go into any local jewelry store and ask to have your finger size measured. Most jewelry stores are more than happy to provide this service. There are string methods and other at home measurements proposed online but we recommend getting your finger measured professionally as it is best to resize the ring correctly the first time.

Resizing is normally 2-4 business days so expect delivery about a week after initially ordering.


Surprise Engagement?

Many of the rings we sell are for surprise engagements and we understand that it is not possible to find out the size needed ahead of time. In this case we are always happy to send off the ring as is initially with prepaid return packaging so that the presentation can be a total surprise. Get the exact size measured afterward without guessing. The return pack can be used to get it back to us for the complimentary resizing service after the proposal. We are prompt because we know that it is unlikely that the bride to be wants to be without her newly acquired ring.

Ring resizing or alteration by EraGem insures that the ring remains eligible for our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and EraGem's Lifetime Warranty.

Any alteration/resizing done by an outside jeweler can void both our Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty so please contact us for any issues or service needed. EraGem takes great pride in our after the sale customer service.

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