Ring Sizing

We provide complimentary resizing whenever feasible before shipping. While most rings can be resized to fit, some limitations may arise due to the ring's style, restricting how much they can be enlarged or reduced, if at all. Each listing specifies which rings are resizable and which are not. However, resizing considerations should be addressed individually for each ring in every instance. Prior to purchasing, please utilize the "email us" link provided in the listing to inform us of the required size, allowing us to confirm its suitability for the ring.

When placing an order, please input the desired size in the resizing request field on the checkout cart page.

For the most accurate sizing, we recommend visiting a local jewelry store and having your finger measured professionally. Many jewelry stores offer this service willingly. While online methods like using string or other at-home measurements are available, we advocate for professional measurements to ensure the ring is resized correctly from the outset.

Resizing is normally 1-3 business days so expect delivery within about a week after initially ordering.

We also provide resizing services over time. The cost varies depending on the ring and the required size change, but it will start at a minimum of $65 to cover the shipping costs for sending the ring back and forth, along with our resizing expenses.


Surprise Engagement?

For surprise engagements where the ring size is unknown beforehand, we understand the challenge. In such cases, we're pleased to send the ring as is initially, accompanied by prepaid return packaging to maintain the surprise factor. We include a sizing kit so the exact size can be measured afterward without any guesswork. After the proposal, the return pack can be used to send the ring back to us for our complimentary resizing service. We prioritize prompt service, recognizing that the bride-to-be likely wants to wear her new ring without delay.

Ring resizing or alterations performed by EraGem ensure that the ring remains eligible for our 60-day money back guarantee and our service warranty.

Any alterations or resizing conducted by an external jeweler may void both our money back guarantee and our service warranty. Therefore, we kindly ask you to reach out to us for any issues or service required. EraGem places great emphasis on providing exceptional customer service after the sale.

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