• Lea Michele Engagement Ring Details


    Match Lea Michele with this stunning radiant cut diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co Match Lea Michele with this stunning radiant cut diamond engagement ring by Tiffany & Co. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Lea Michele received a gorgeous engagement ring from Zandy Reich, president of the clothing company AYR. Reich worked closely with Leor Yerushalmi at The Jewelers Inc. in Las Vegas.


    Lea Michele Engagement Ring Details

    Like the spontaneous, vibrant Glee actress, her engagement ring is bold, contemporary, and beautiful. It begins with the perfect stone, a 4-carat elongated radiant cut diamond.

    Mounted on a platinum band, the central stone is framed in a halo of accent diamonds. The shoulder of the ring are paved in diamonds. Lea Michele wears this stunning ring so elegantly, it's as though she was born for it.


    The Jewelers Inc.

    Otherwise known as The Jewelers of Las Vegas, this family of jewelers has been in business since the 1970s. Founded by husband and wife, Mordechai and Vicki Yerushalmi, the jewelry firm stays in step with their customers by treating every visitor like family.

    Today, their children, daughter Natalie and sons Leor, Elad, and Benny hold to the same commitment. Working side by side with their parents, they adhere to the same strict standards that drew the attention of Hollywood in the 1990s.

    It began with the film crew on the movie Casino. Not only did the crew ask Mordechai to provide several pieces of jewelry for the film, they also gave him a speaking role in the film. He played a jewelry store owner whose store was robbed.

    Later, The Jewelers Inc. also supplied jewels for other movies, including Analyze This and Rush Hour 2. The Jewelers Inc. currently services their customers in nine locations throughout Las Vegas.


    Who is Zandy Reich?

    Most of us are asking this same question. A private person by nature, Zandy Reich remains somewhat mysterious, apart from his relationship with Lea Michele.

    One thing for sure, the man is a visionary. As head of AYR (All Year Round), he has led the millennial clothing brand into the sphere of the elite. Offered at Nordstrom, eBay, and on their own site, AYR appeals to everyday millennials.

    Using high-tech materials, the company manufactures their clothing in the U.S., primarily in New York and Los Angeles. Their sales promise "More is less," and they make superhero capes for everyday exploits.

    Lea Michele and Zandy have been friends for a long time. We wish them good health and a happy marriage!

  • Richard Mille at Sotheby's Important Watches Auction


    The Falcon by Richard Mille The Falcon by Richard Mille. Photo courtesy Sotheby's.


    On November 13th, Sotheby's Geneva presents their Important Watches auction, including this gorgeous Richard Mille watch. With an emphasis on the best of vintage and modern horology, the esteemed auction house offers 251 important watches from the industry's most renowned manufacturers.

    The Falcon

    I am most enamored with Lot 228, the RM57-02 Falcon pictured above. This gorgeous watch is crafted of white gold, diamonds, and near-black sapphires. Poised for attack, the diamond falcon embodies speed, strength, and competition.

    This magnificent bird of prey provides cover and protection for the interior skeletonized tourbillon movement. This exquisite Richard Mille mechanism counteracts the effects of gravity, thereby improving accuracy. In addition to the tourbillon, this watch features an innovative balance wheel mechanism.

    The balance wheel adjusts at the micro level with the help of miniature weight attached to the balance wheel. These micro-adjustments, a unique property of Richard Mille watches, protect the watch from impact, ensuring accuracy even when exposed to vigorous activity and sports-level impact.

    In total, the Falcon features 532 diamonds and near-black sapphires, weighing a total of 9.34 carats. Made in 2017, the Falcon represents the modernity and innovative spirit of the esteemed horloger.


    Richard Mille History

    Mille began studying watchmaking in the mid-1970s. For two decades, he worked for industry leaders before launching his own brand in 1999.

    After two years of research and experimentation, the watchmaker launched its first timepiece, a racing car for the wrist. His was a unique vision, inspired by the high-tech materials and manufacture of race cars and airplanes.

    Though he adheres to many of the traditions of Swiss watchmaking, Richard Mille is most certainly a pioneer. In particular, he chooses to work exclusively with high-tech materials which require time-intensive processing and labor to make such precise timepieces from them.


    High-Tech Materials

    Richard Mille not only drew inspiration from the racing and airplane industries, he aimed to use many of the same materials they use. First of all, they make their cases and some of their movement parts out of Grade 5 titanium.

    Titanium is a brand favorite, granting the strength of steel with the lightness required for his active clientele. It also provides protection from exposure to extremes, including temperature.

    Richard Mille also favors NPTP carbon, a composite material first used in yachts, and later in Formula 1 race car chassis and airplanes. NPTP not only provides incredible durability, but also a unique appearance.

    Composed of multiple layers of filaments divided from carbon particles. These filaments are layered parallel to each other and then modified by a special machine. The result is a gorgeous wood-like appearance, with mirror-like reflection and shading. NPTP is most often used in watch cases, since its appearance is so mesmerizing.

    Another amazing innovation for horology is the use of carbon nanotubes. Richard Mille injects a unique polymer with carbon nanotubes. This injection protects the movement and other sensitive components from shock damage.

    This cutting-edge approach to durability gives Richard Mille a unique place in luxury watchmaking. Not surprisingly, the brand has firmly captured the attention of sports enthusiasts, including several famous athletes.

    The durability of a Richard Mille watch, combined with the beauty and intricate craftsmanship is second to none. Without doubt, there is simply no other watchmaker doing what Richard Mille does with the same flair and dedication.

    For information on how to bid on this beautiful watch, please visit Sotheby's website.

  • Guo Pei Exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery


    Guo Pei, One Thousand and Two Nights, 2010 Guo Pei, One Thousand and Two Nights, 2010, silk cloak embroidered with metal thread and silk- and 24-karat-gold-spun thread and adorned with silk bows and fox fur. Photo: Courtesy of SCAD.


    As you can see from this exquisite photo, Guo Pei: Couture Beyond promises a spectacular viewing experience for visitors to the Vancouver Art Gallery. With over 40 looks, this impressive show aims to transport museumgoers to the fashion runway.


    Evolution of Design

    "Exquisite, theatrical, inimitable." These are just some of the words used by the curators to describe the breathtaking works of one of China's most preeminent fashion designers.

    Spanning more than ten years of Guo Pei's career, Couture Beyond explores the evolution of her design sensibilities. Each year, Guo Pei creates a new line for the fashion runway. Each line draws upon a theme. Furthermore, each theme seamlessly fuses contemporary design with pre-Republic Chinese decadence.

    It is this rare combination, in which she combines the aesthetic of Chinese dynasties with the modern design sense of the 21st century, that distinguishes Guo Pei from her contemporaries.

    As such, she became the first Chinese woman couturiere invited to join the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. Her inimitable style and technical expertise affords her the greatest distinction among fashion designers.


    Guo Pei: Couture Beyond

    This fabulous exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery represents Canada's premiere showing of Guo Pei fashions. Set in runway style, each section highlights a different stage of her career. To begin with, curators chose a selection of outfits from her collection which launched her partnership with MAC Cosmetics. These statement pieces take center stage beneath the rotunda. The designer released this collection in 2015.

    Continuing further into the museum, the next stop is the Legend of the Dragon, Guo Pei's 2012 collection. Selections from this collection draw strongly, of course, from the mythological Chinese dragon. The dragon is undeniably one of the most noble of the Zodiac beasts.

    To cap off the entire exhibition, the museum offers a shimmering metallic gown from Guo Pei's 2016 Encounter collection, as well as ornately adorned garments from her 2017 Legend collection. Guo Pei drew her inspiration for the Legend collection from the Cathedral of Saint Gallen in Switzerland.


    The Canary Cape

    Also on display, the gorgeous canary cape worn by Rihanna at the Met Gala in 2015. She fashioned the cape from 55 pounds of silk and ornamented with layers of embroidery. This exquisite cape has come to exemplify the craftsmanship of the esteemed couturier and her team.

    Without doubt, the Guo Pei exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery is a must see for anyone visiting British Columbia this year. The show remains open until January 20, 2019. For more details, please visit the museum's website.

  • Sotheby's Diamonds Online Auction Celebrates the Number 8

    Sotheby's Diamonds Online Auction in September Sotheby's Celebrates the Number 8 in their upcoming Diamonds Online Auction. Photo courtesy of Sotheby's.


    Sotheby's Diamonds Online auction takes place from September 8 to September 18, 2018. Curators of the sale decided to focus this sale on the Chinese tradition of numerology. In commemoration of the passing of the singular occurrence of the date 08-08-18, they handpicked 8 lots of exceptional loose diamonds.


    Chinese Numerology & The Number 8

    These clusters of ice embody the power of the number 8. Eight is considered the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. The Chinese word for 8 (八) sounds like 發 (fa), which translates "wealth, fortune, and prosper").

    When 8 is repeated, such as in the number 88, its fortuitous meaning increases. This is because it now resembles 囍 (shuāng xǐ), which means "double happiness." The Chinese do what they can to bring the number 8 to bear in their lives. Now you have the opportunity to do so, as well.


    Sotheby's Diamonds Have Beauty and Significance

    In addition, the number 8 also resembles the symbol for infinity. All of the diamonds in Sotheby's Diamonds Online auction combine impeccable qualities with carat weights featuring the number 8. All the diamonds chosen for this sale are remarkably pure and colorless in clarity, all in a variety of cuts.

    Experts at Diacore carefully oversaw the provenance of each one of these exquisite stones. In particular, they monitored the stones from the mines in South Africa, Botswana, or Namibia. Then, they brought the diamonds to their cutters and polishers in New York.

    Sotheby's hopes these diamonds find their way into the most precious of jewels, wedding and engagement rings. Unquestionably, these diamonds promise to imbue any jewel with good fortune and the promise of prosperity.

    "With beauty and significance in equal measure, these diamonds will make for jewels that are precious in every sense." (source)

  • Bernd Munsteiner, "Father of the Fantasy Cut"

    Bernd Munsteiner Cut Citrine Bracelet 18K Gold Bangle Bernd Munsteiner Cut Citrine Bracelet. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


    Bernd Munsteiner apprenticed with his father in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Idar-Oberstein remains to this day a center for gem cutting and carving. Established during the late Medieval period, Idar-Oberstein is particularly known for its Renaissance-style cameo cuts. This style of cameo cutting remained the same for over 500 years. Until Bernd Munsteiner turned the traditions upside down, literally.

    Munsteiner's Beginnings

    In the 1950s, Munsteiner began his apprenticeship with his father to learn the family trade. In 1962, he enrolled in the School of Design in Phorzheim. While in school, he continued to learn conventional lapidary skills. However, he also studied painting, metal sculpting, and jewelry design. In 1966, he graduated as a designer of precious stones and jewelry.

    A true child of the 1960s, Bernd Munsteiner failed to find the allure in conforming to tradition. For the first time in 500 years, he succeeded in challenging the carving community. Of course, his new approach to cameo carving was not well received, but he persisted in his avant-garde methods.

    Fantasy Cuts

    Rather than carving on the top of the stones, he focused his skilled efforts on the back of the stones. Faceting negative cuts on the bottoms and backsides of semiprecious stones, he became one of the first gem cutters to establish the modern era of lapidary art.

    While the traditionalists frowned at his defiance, international buyers clamored for what would come to be called Fantasy Cut gemstones. In 1973, he established Munsteiner Atelier in Stipshausen, Germany.

    His reputation grew, as he continued to turn the tables on traditional gem cutting. Often he left parts of a gem raw to create contrast with other portions that he polished and faceted. He frequently chose irregular stones which imbued his finished pieces with geometrical, abstract shape. For this reason, he earned the moniker the "Picasso of Gems."

    As his career blossomed, he began working with larger and larger stones. Today, savvy collectors remain on the lookout for his gemstone sculptures and his jewels. Esteemed museums around the world display his works with pride.
    And jewelry experts the world over seek to establish Munsteiner's work in the annals of history.

    A Unique Opportunity

    This particular piece, an original Munsteiner bracelet, features a deep orange-brown citrine faceted in the artist's signature fantasy style. Its dimensional geometrical shape reverberates in the 18k gold band, which has a hinged clasp that evokes sensual modernity.

    It pleases us to invite you to visit our Bellevue showroom to see this and several other Bernd Munsteiner works in person.

    Certainly, this represents a unique and rare opportunity for you to touch modern history, to feel its essence upon your skin. Please don't hesitate to reach out and make an appointment to visit us soon.

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    EraGem's showroom is located a few blocks east of Whole Foods on NE 8th Street.  EraGem is on the north side of the street just past the 120th Street intersection.  The city has recently completed road construction so our building can only be accessed from westbound direction on NE 8th coming down the hill. Those coming in on 405 take the 13B Exit to Eastbound NE 8th St. Get into the left hand turn lane to take a left at the 120th intersection, make the first right onto Bel-Red. Proceed up the hill then turn right onto 124th.  Then Right on NE 8th and then you can turn right into our parking lot, it looks like this:


    Our entrance is on the downhill, west facing side of the building.


    -EraGem Team

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