Turquoise Meaning & Symbolism

Turquoise Meaning & Symbolism
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gorgeous LeVian turquoise brooch Turquoise has long been celebrated as a stone of protection. This gorgeous LeVian turquoise brooch provides all the wonderful symbolism and meaning of December's celebrated birthstone. Photo ©2020 EraGem Jewelry   Turquoise, the captivating sea-green stone of the ancients, represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. Ancient peoples believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and its association with enduring love. Likewise, contemporary crystal experts celebrate it for its representation of wisdom, tranquility, and protection.

Ancient Beliefs About Turquoise

Indigenous Peoples

Early Native American tribes placed tremendous import on the beautiful blue stone. They associated it with the god of the sky, and shamans relied on the stone as a conduit between heaven and Earth. Specifically, they used it to channel the healing energies of the cosmos. Many Native Americans wore the powerful blue-green stone for protection in battle. For example, the Apaches fashioned amulets and charms out of turquoise. They used these charms to decorate their arrows, believing that the powerful stones improved aim and accuracy. (source) Meanwhile, other Southwestern tribes believed the stone attracted life-giving water. Indeed, both the Lakota-Souix and the Navajos used the sea-green stone in their cloud-busting rituals. These rituals invited the rain god to release heaven's waters upon the earth. Finally, the majority of the southwestern tribes wore turquoise amulets for personal protection from harm, illness, and negative energies. Shamans also used them in healing rituals.

The Turks & Persians

The ancient jeweled works of art from Turkey and Persia demonstrate their love of turquoise, as well. Indeed, the Turks and Persians also believed in the blue stone's protective powers. Turkish warriors crafted talismans from the ancient mineral. They used them to adorn their swords, their armor, and their horse's bridles and saddles. They believed these amulets protected them specifically from injuries associated with falling. (source) Furthermore, they believed turquoise enhanced their courage, providing the inner calm necessary to master fear. In addition, they believed the water stone provided good fortune and happiness. (source)


Greek maidens wore the sea-green stone as a symbol of their purity. Meanwhile, in England, maidens offered gifts of turquoise to their lovers as a symbol of enduring love. In Russia, the blue-green stones also symbolized love. In fact, couples often incorporated them into their wedding rings. Meanwhile, in Tibet, the stone's shift in color from blue to green represented the cycle of life and death. As such, it came to represent the process of developing wisdom. (source) Not surprisingly, these strong associations between turquoise and wisdom, tranquility, and protection remain strong in modern times. turquoise wedding band


To this day, turquoise is associated with the development of wisdom. Specifically, it represents self-actualization and the unlocking of creative energies combined with thoughtful planning. The very definition of wisdom. (source) In particular, the sea-green stone reminds us of the value of every person's experience. When we see rightly within our own selves, neither elevating our strengths nor glossing over our weaknesses, we develop greater compassion and empathy for others. Furthermore, we learn to see mistakes as learning opportunities and find ways to integrate all of our experiences, negative and positive, into a cohesive whole. This, in turn, allows us to help others navigate their lives with the wisdom of our own experiences. Since turquoise naturally enhances trust, kindness, and understanding, it helps us let go of justice and embrace forgiveness. Forgiveness of others and ourselves opens the way for honor and open communication, thus facilitating openness and balance in acceptance of both the positives and negatives all of us face in life. (source)  


Not only does turquoise confer wisdom, it also provides a calming influence. Remember, the ancients believed the sea-green stone connected heaven to Earth. In modern times, we recognize these types of stones as grounding. When we are properly grounded, we make decisions out of a union of emotion, intuition, and reason. In this state of balance and inner harmony, we radiate serenity and tranquility. Our intuition takes hold, and we find ourselves facing trials with peace and a calm sense of hope. We find it easier to discover negative thought patterns and release them. Creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems surface simply and easily as we spend time in meditation and reflection. Suddenly, personal growth and breakthrough seem possible.  


As it always has, turquoise remains a stone celebrated for its power to protect. In fact, the blue mineral remains a talisman of protection for horses and their riders. (source) In addition, aviators and those traveling by air sometimes rely on turquoise jewelry to protect them and infuse them with a dose of courage. Some even believe the sea blue mineral protects a person no matter their method of travel. Whether by horse or by air, by ship or by car, crystal experts believe a person on the go can rely on turquoise to pave the way for smooth and safe travel. (source) As you can see, turquoise promises many rewards to those who wear it. Speaking of wearing it, what is your favorite way to wear turquoise? ~Angela Magnotti Andrews
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