The Johnathon Arndt Gallery of Jewels

Capture the Essence! of Johnathon Arndt's Dazzling Diamonds with this 3.5-Carat Diamond Cocktail Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry. Capture the Essence! of Johnathon Arndt's Dazzling Diamonds with this 3.5-Carat Diamond Cocktail Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Johnathon Arndt, together with husband Newman Arndt, founded the Johnathon Arndt Gallery of Jewels. Together, the couple scours the world for the finest jewels available. Over the years, they have developed a sophisticated collection of gorgeous stones, primarily glittering white diamonds with a smattering of canary yellow diamonds, fancy colored sapphires, and more. With these exquisite stones, the passionate artists have artfully designed some of the most exceptional jewels seen on country music's red carpet.

Carrie Underwood's Engagement Ring

Working closely with such esteemed organizations as the Academy of Country Music, the Country Music Association, and the Society of Singers, Newman and Johnathon Arndt have caught the attention of a number of key celebrities on the country music scene. Carrie Underwood in particular seems to favor Johnathon Arndt jewels nearly exclusively, both on and off the red carpet. On the red carpet, she's worn a number of the designer's necklaces, worth well over $25 million dollars, and off the carpet she wears 2012's most-talked about canary yellow diamond engagement ring.

Kelly Clarkson's Engagement Ring

Johnathon Arndt also personally designed another yellow diamond engagement ring for Kelly Clarkson. In partnership with Kelly's now-husband Brandon Blackstock, Johnathon Arndt designed a gorgeous halo ring with a flawless, radiant-cut, canary yellow diamond taking center stage. Surrounding the diamond are a host of round white diamonds in a hexagonal halo. The ring's chunky band is deep-set on all sides with round brilliant accent stones. It is a truly stunning ring.

Miranda Lambert's Engagement Ring

Named 'Eternity Ring' by the designers, Miranda Lambert's engagement ring is a gorgeous platinum and diamond ring featuring a round diamond set with ornate platinum prongs. The central diamond is flanked by two slightly smaller round diamonds, also set with the same fancy prongs. This stunning crown rests atop a platinum band which is channel set on all sides with round brilliant diamonds.

Wedding Jewelry

In addition to these stunning engagement rings, Newman and Johnathon Arndt also had the privilege of designing the wedding bands for Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, as well as for Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. They also outfitted both brides with all of their wedding jewelry. Stunning displays of white diamonds glittered on their necks and dangled from their ears. Johnathon Arndt even designed a diamond "A" charm for Carrie's dog. Both grooms received Johnathon Arndt exclusives with their custom-made wedding bands, both featuring hidden diamonds in the bands. Blake's diamond is black.

On the Red Carpet

Not only have we seen Carrie Underwood, Barbara Mandrell, and Emily Procter dazzle the red carpet in Johnathon Arndt's fabulous designs, but we have also seen several of the designer's exclusive Johnathon Arndt Ruby and Diamond awards presented to such superstars as Sir Elton John, Reba McEntire, and Kenny Chesney.

We congratulate the visionary artists on their accomplishment in establishing a stunning collection of jewels and a stunning array of music stars who love to wear them.