Bellarri Jewelry - Focus on Designer Series

Bellarri Custom Cut Gemstone Enhancer Pendant 18K Bellarri Custom Cut Gemstone Pendant 18K White Gold. Photo ©2019 EraGem Jewelry.


Bellarri Adelman began her career selling loose stones. Eventually, her business partners asked her to fashion finished jewelry pieces. Subsequently, her passion for design ignited. Today, Bellarri is synonymous with bold designs, exquisite colors, exquisite luxury, and unique gemstone cuts.


Unique Gemstone Cuts

Undoubtedly the most iconic Bellarri cut, the Mystique cut features a flat table with a scalloped crown. From the center, the Mystique cut gemstone appears to burst in an eruption of color and light.

The designer uses the Mystique cut in the majority of her collections. In particular, I draw your attention to its use in the Romantic Reflections Collection. The pendant featured in the above photo belongs to what I believe is the third iteration of this collection.

The Mystique cut is only one of many patented cuts which belong to the brand. Another exciting cut, the cylindrical cut, includes two variations. Both variations appear in the above gemstone pendant.

First of all, four customized cylinder cut stones, two iolite and two peridot, frame the central topaz. Second of all, two barrel cut gemstones grace the crown of the pendant.

Held in place by white gold and diamonds, a barrel-cut peridot and a barrel-cut topaz add a truly unique element to this gorgeous pendant. The barrel cut features a fully faceted cylinder, an exacting and truly exciting cut.

In other collections, such as Tango, Bellarri includes bullet-cut gemstones which feature serrated tops, as well as cabochons. She also routinely employs the channel setting, which gives her jewels the appearance of having been found in the rough, melded together with the metals, one organic whole.


Bellarri Style

Bellarri describes her ideal client as a woman who knows her own mind. Refusing to wait on a lover's timing, she purchaes jewelry for herself. She incorporates bold and colorful designs seamlessly into her lifestyle, wearing them with both casual and formal attire.

Not surprisingly, Bellarri Adelman is a woman of definitive independence. Her designs are solo endeavors, not the result of a team effort. The teamwork comes behind the scenes, with her husband and daughter providing administrative and marketing support for the brand.

Leaving nothing to chance, the luxury brand employs in-house laser cutters to render their patented gemstone cuts. She fashions the majority of her designs in 18k white gold, with the exception of her silver collection. Though she uses diamond accents freely, the designer prefers to work with uncommon stones, such as peridot, citrine, garnet, amethyst, and iolite.

Never one to prioritize fitting in, she hopes to attract women who will also favor these unusual stones. Eternally pushing beyond every possible limit, Bellarri continually conceives of jewels that belong to a fantastical realm.

To be sure, every Bellarri jewel captures the imagination, ignites a passion for beauty and luxury, and transcends the here and now.

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