Alexandrite Meaning and Symbolism

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Cats Eye Alexandrite Snake Ring Diamond Body Ruby Eye 18K Cats Eye Alexandrite Snake Ring. Photo ©2019 EraGem Jewelry.   This spectacular alexandrite, diamond, and ruby snake ring accents perfectly a conversation about the meaning and symbolism of June's birthstone. Believe it or not, snakes represent wisdom and good fortune. Alexandrite also represents these same qualities, plus several more.  

The Stone of Good Fortune

Discovered first in the Ural Mountains of Russia, alexandrite quickly became a national symbol of good fortune. For one thing, it possessed both of Russia's national colors - red and green. In daylight, Russian this color-changing gemstone exhibits an emerald green color. By candle- or firelight, it exhibits a deep ruby red. Thus, Russians assigned the gem with positive attributes, like joy, strength, and good luck. As the stone circulated among the other European nations, and eventually beyond to the Americas, it attracted even more positive associations. Today, crystal energy experts report that June's birthstone promotes calm and balance, especially for the mind and emotions. Furthermore, it grounds a person so they can discover their life purpose. It also connects a person to healing energy and love. Thus, experts believe it activates creativity, imagination, and intuition.  

Alexandrite and Mercury

In astrological circles, alexandrite is closely associated to the planet Mercury. In addition, it represents the zodiac sign of Gemini, thus its assignation as June's birthstone. As a stone of Mercury, it embodies the healing energy of the messenger god Mercury, as well as the hope, growth, peace, and prosperity associated with its daytime color, green. Specifically, it is believed to balance the mind, bring clarity, enhance intuition, and promote success. When appearing red, the gemstone promotes love, sensuality, and passion. In this state, it promotes creativity, action, and self-expression. Its dual powers attract those who practice magic and those who meditate with crystals. Magicians use the stone to cast spells to enhance memory, clarity, communication, and perception. They also wear it as an amulet to ward off stress and chaos. When worn, it is believed to balance the mind. Those who meditate with crystal, rely on alexandrite to elicit change, success, and happiness. It also promotes self-confidence and clarity. Therefore, those who meditate with it believe it empowers them to successfully identify goals and achieve them. Finally, in its red color alexandrite represents love, passion, and sensuality. Paired with its powers to provide clarity and balance to the mind, some believe it can soothe doubts about love and marriage. It may also inspire compassion, joy, and harmony. Such a powerful stone! Give us a call today to add the benefits of alexandrite to your life! ~Angela Magnotti Andrews
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