Yellow Topaz The Stone of Hospitality


Gorgeous Yellow Topaz Huggie Earrings Gorgeous Yellow Topaz Huggie Earrings. A perfect gift for a November hostess gift. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


Yellow topaz, November's birthstone, is the stone of hospitality. Since November is the month of gratitude, comfort food, and family gatherings, yellow topaz makes the perfect hostess gift.


Yellow Topaz Meaning

Legend has it that wearing a yellow topaz while serving as hostess boosts the atmosphere with warmth, harmony, and pleasant peace.

The Ancient Egyptians celebrated golden topaz as a stone that provided protection and security. Other traditions look to topaz to promote harmony, serenity, and empathy.

The hostess who wears yellow topaz encourages forgiveness, soothes tension, and promotes unity in her home. Ensure that your Thanksgiving hostess has all she needs to nurture a pleasant, stress-free gathering this holiday season.


Hostess Gift Etiquette

Most etiquette experts suggest bringing flowers, chocolates, candies, wine, candles, or soaps for your hostess. Since it's the holidays, though, why not up your game just a bit?

Consider bringing a beautiful brooch featuring a yellow topaz. Print out the paragraphs above and tuck them into a card so that your hostess knows the symbolism and meaning of the gift you bring.

A cautionary note: Be careful not to upstage your hostess's other guests, and don't bring jewelry for a hostess you do not know well.

I suggest you choose a yellow topaz hostess gift for someone special. Your mom, your sister, your mother-in-law, or someone you hold in high regard. A jeweled hostess gift is most appropriate in these circumstances.

Also, put your hostess at ease, assuring her that your gift does not need to be worn that night to lend its supportive powers to the evening. She likely will have already coordinated her jewelry to her outfit and may feel unsure about adding another piece right away. Let her know that you will not take offense if she chooses to put it back in the box for the evening.

May your holidays be filled with the warmth, serenity, and harmony this year.