Sotheby's Presents 'Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite' April 2nd

Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite Spring 2019 The Spectacular 88.22-Carat Oval Diamond. Leading Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite Sale. Photo courtesy Sotheby's.


Coming up on April 2, Sotheby's Hong Kong offers spectacular jewelry for sale during their Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite auction. Featuring a Cartier panthere bangle, a spectacular unmounted diamond, a legendary 1750s gemstone brooch, and more, this sale promises to dazzle.

Leading the sale, the above-pictured 88.22-carat oval diamond radiates with absolute brilliance. The unmounted diamond grades as D Flawless, Type IIa. The entire sale takes place over two sessions.


Session One - Magnificent Jewels

Session One opens for bidding at 2pm in Hong Kong. This segment of the sale features lots 1601 to 1718, a vast collection of marvelous jewels and gemstones.

Undoubtedly my favorite from Session One, Lot 1634, a pair of aluminum earrings fashioned by JAR. A perfect replication of violet blossoms. Surely, the perfect choice for spring!

In addition, I adore the astonishing ruby necklace, designed in two rows of yellow gold mounted with oval- and cushion-cut rubies. This magnificent jewel features 65 carats in rubies!

Several pieces by Cartier stand out, specifically the emerald, ruby, onyx, and diamond jabot pin, made in 1920. Pronounced zhah-Bow, jabot pins were used to pin a shirt ruffle in place. Shirts in the 1920s often included a ruffle at the bosom, for both men and women.

Jabot pins, fashioned in two segments, held the ruffle in place. While the stem of the pin remained hidden on the inside of the shirt, the outer segments decorated the front of the shirt.

To say nothing of the jadeite portion of Session One, which begins with Lot 1650. A delightful pair of crabs holding gemstones in their pinchers. With jadeite legs, each crab's body is fashioned from a different gemstone. One a fire opal, the other a colorless translucent jade.


Session Two - More Jewels & Jadeite

Following the closig of Session One, Session Two begins the same day at 4pm. This portion of the sale includes lots 1719 through 1801. Overall, just over 200 magnificent jewels feature in this sale. Browsing through the catalog fills the eye with almost indescribable beauty.

My list of favorites from Session Two knows no bounds. To begin with, Lot 1740. An exquisite aquamarine and diamond pendant necklace, the perfect choice for March! Fashioned from a line of graduated claw-set marquise-shaped diamonds, the necklace culminates with the aquamarine. The pear-cut gemstone pendant weighs an astonishing 48.25 carats.

Another favorite includes Lot 1776, a rubellite and diamond parure. Imagine it - a necklace set with 31 pear-shaped rubellites, accented with hundreds of round brilliant diamonds. The diamonds seem to hug the rubellites in place. The parure also includes matching earrings, bracelet, and ring. Simply gorgeous!

Of course, Session Two also includes a number of beautiful jadeite jewels. Of note, Lot 1764, a jadeite peapod and diamond pendant fashioned from a solid cabochon jadeite measuring 57.08 x 25.76 x 9.50 mm. Also, Lot 1766, an important pair of jadeite double hoop pendant earrings. Embellished with sugar-loaf rubies and round brilliant diamonds, these earrings are stunning.


Celebrating Color

A special focus of this auction includes a number of fancy colored diamonds. Colored diamonds form rarely in the earth. As such, they almost always command attention from collectors.

According to Sotheby's, the GIA recognizes seven primary color hues for colored diamonds. These include Red, Purple, Orange, Violet, Blue, Green, and Yellow. From these primary colors, 27 distinctive hues provide a rainbow of color possibilities.

Sotheby's highlights Lot 1798, a gorgeous diamond ring in Fancy Vivid Blue, the rarest and most coveted colored diamond. They also draw attention to Lots 1708 and 1781.

Lot 1708 features a delicately colored pink-purple diamond pendant. The pear-shaped stone weighs 5.01 carats. Mounted in strands of delicate gold, dozens of yellow diamond accent stones complete the ensemble.

Lot 1781 features a purple-pink, cut-cornered rectangular mixed-cut diamond mounted in platinum. Kite-shaped white diamonds surround the stone, and brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the shank mid-way down.

I am truly blown away by the collection of gorgeous jewels curated for this auction. For more information, I invite you to visit Sotheby's website.