Michele della Valle at Sotheby's Noble Jewels Auction

Ruby Rose by Michele Della Valle Ruby Rose by Michele Della Valle. Photo courtesy Sotheby's.


Michele Della Valle crafted this superb ruby rose brooch from hundreds of circular-cut, calibré-cut, and cabochon rubies. This gemstone masterpiece recently sold at Sotheby's Geneva for $51,000, during their Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels.

The sale also included several other pieces by Michele Della Valle, including a magnificent sapphire necklace. All told, the works of the renowned jeweler realized over $128,000.


Joie de Vivre

Michele Della Valle embodies joy, whimsy, and creativity, both in his life and in his work. Inspired by the sea, the faceted beauty of gemstones, lines of great poetry, and wondrous adventure, he infuses every piece with energy and passion.

"Jewelry must bring joy...I try to transform my emotions into jewelry," he told Sotheby's. {source}

Every piece must convey an emotion and carry a message. Hence every jewel he creates sparks with energy, empowering its wearer to live the message. With this trademark approach, Michele Della Valle has carved an important niche for himself as a jeweler.


Michele Della Valle, The Early Days

Born in Rome, Michele Della Valle began designing costume jewelry at age 16. His passion for beautiful stones carried him to Burma in the mid-1970s. There, he purchased his first stone. Urged by an industry insider, he took the stone to Hans Nadelhoffer, head of Christie's jewelry department.

That meeting launched his start in designing with precious stones. Two years later, he opened his own workshop in Rome. Frequent trips to Asia in search of magnificent stones led to a collaboration with Bulgari.


Lyrical Masterpieces

Over the years, he perfected his unique artistic style. Exquisite flowers rendered in shiny gemstones elicit rapturous memories of childhood days. A basket of blue forget-me-nots evokes memories of May Day knocks on the door. Circlets of violets conjure memories of kneeling in the grass with childhood friends, dreaming of Prince Charming. Sunflower earrings glow with the warmth of the summer sun.

Every one a lyrical masterpiece, touched by the hand of the maestro and crafted with excellence to the meticulous standards of masters of the craft.

His exquisite approach to design dazzled the tastemakers in Italy. A decade later, Michele moved to Geneva to establish himself as a jeweler among jewelers. His appointment-only atelier attracts the most elite of clientele. His name continues to be a whisper upon the wind, although his lyrical approach continues to gain momentum as more and more of his pieces sell for high prices at auction.