China's Triple Parade Exhibition

Triple Parade 2018

Opening this month, China's Triple Parade exhibition features 12 Society of North American Goldsmith members. Open October 19, 2018, through January, 6, 2018, Triple Parade emerges as one of the leading contemporary applied art and design exhibitions.


Triple Parade

The exhibition takes place at the HOW Art Museum in Shanghai, China. The show aims to continue an ongoing international cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world.

This year's theme, "Three Times: Dialogue Across the Past, the Present, the Future," places contemporary jewelry art at the forefront of a conversation about art in time and space in relationship to past, present, and future. Though several mediums are represented, jewelry holds a high position in the exhibit.

"Jewellery is not just a form, [it] also explores the complex and dynamic relationships between people, people and objects, people and society, and people and the world as a whole." {source}

I have certainly seen the truth of these words in my exploration of the noble and magnificent jewels that come up at auction, as well as in the spotlights on contemporary and past designers. I also see it in the passing of an estate jewel from one owner to another. Every time a gem changes hands, it adds a new chapter to the story it tells.


Contemplating Value

Triple Parade further explores the connection between time and space by expounding on the concept of value. A contemporary jewel possesses several levels of value. First of all, it carries an inherent material value in the cost of materials and labor used to create it. It also has an economic value - how much it costs and how much value it retains over time.

At the same time, a jewel holds sentimental value, perhaps as an heirloom or a special gift. Some jewels also have humanitarian value. These days women in third world countries find value in exporting their handiwork. These jewels, made by hand using tribal and native techniques, support their families during hard times.

Also, designers and high-jewelry firms release special collections from time to time which focus attention on specific humanitarian causes. These focused collections often serve as vehicles for raising funds for these causes, as well.

Finally, certain jewels eventually acquire historical significance. Such jewels include those owned by royal families, those crafted with such distinction that serious collectors covet them, and those owned by celebrities.

Triple Parade hopes to bring this conversation about national, international, contemporary, and historical value to the forefront. The exhibition enables this conversation by collaborating with a global selection of artists.

Though their works are primarily contemporary, some of these artists draw on the past for inspiration. Others use materials that possess no value on their own, but transformed into wearable art they can now attain sentimental, humanitarian, and even historical value over time.


The Exhibition

Visitors to the HOW Art Museum will experience Triple Parade in four sections. To begin with, Intimate Encounter, featuring the works of artists selected through an international public invitation.

After that, visitors move on to Like Attracts Like, a selection of works chosen by international galleries. Then, Arty Game includes artwork by contemporary visual artists.

Finally, Viva la Different includes works selected by curators from ten countries and regions. It is in this section that our country is represented by the 12 SNAG artists.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit their website.