Cheryl Burke Engagement Ring Details

Match Cheryl Burke with this gorgeous diamond halo filigree engagement ring. Match Cheryl Burke with this gorgeous diamond halo filigree engagement ring. Click here for more details. Photo ©2018 EraGem Jewelry.


After a little on-again, off-again romance, Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence have finally made a commitment. The day before Cheryl’s birthday, Matthew invited her family and friends for a visit. Throughout the day, Cheryl had a hunch he might pop the question.


Isn’t He Going to Ask?

The day turned into night, and still no bended knee, no diamond ring. Finally, midnight rolled around, and she thought for sure he would surprise her in the first minute of her birthday.


The next day, the couple headed to Laguna Beach. Every other minute, Cheryl received birthday flowers. Yet, nothing from Matthew. In fact, the only thing Matthew gave her was a hard time about taking so long in the shower.

“You need to come out right now,” he pressed. {source}

Perplexed at this out of character behavior, she complied. She heard a special song on the radio and saw a letter. He encouraged her to read it, but she felt a sudden terror that maybe this was the end of their relationship again.

In print so tiny that she had to bring the paper right up to her nose to read it, Matthew had written, “Love you always and forever.”

She turned to respond, only to find him kneeling before her. In a flood of emotion, she said yes. So he slipped a magnificent ring on her finger.


Cheryl Burke Engagement Ring Details

The ring Matthew Lawrence slipped on Cheryl Burke’s finger holds special significance for the celebrity dancing coach. Sadly, Cheryl’s father passed away this past spring.

To include him in this special moment of their lives, Matthew Lawrence met with Cheryl’s mother. She agreed to give him the diamond Cheryl’s father had given her. Matthew took the diamond to XIV Karats in Beverly Hills.

Together with her mother and his, Matthew instructed the jewelers to craft a unique and precious ring for his beloved. The diamond from her father centers the ring within two intertwined circles. A halo of diamonds surrounds design, and the platinum or white gold band also shimmers with diamonds.

Choosing an antique setting to set an heirloom diamond is a beautiful way to commemorate a lost loved one into your engagement ring. Give us a call today to discuss our custom designs.