3 Actresses Who Got Engaged in February

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February proved a great month to get engaged. Several celebrities said, "Yes," including three actresses. First of all, Melissa Benoist said yes to Chris Wood. Next, Brittany Snow said yes to Tyler Sandaland. Finally, Jessica Rothe said yes to Eric Clem.


Melissa Benoist Engaged to Chris Wood

Melissa Benoist is best known for her role as Kara Danvers (aka Supergirl) in the CW hit show Supergirl. Benoist met her new fiance, Chris, on set when he took the role of Mon-El. Even on the show, Kara and Mon-El explore love together as a couple, at least for a time.

In real life, the couple started dating in spring of 2017, shortly after Wood joined the Supergirl cast. Thankfully, their TV breakup failed to impact their real-life relationship.

The couple announced their engagement on social media on February 10, 2019. Wood turned to jewelry designer Jen Meyer to create the perfect engagement ring for Benoist.

Crafted by hand in LA, Benoist's engagement ring features a demure pave band mounted with a cushion- or oval-cut diamond surrounded by a square halo of even more diamonds. The ring exudes the innate philosophy of Jen Meyer's designs - be authentic, be unique, and always sparkle.


Brittany Snow Engaged to Tyler Sandaland

At some point in late January or early February, Tyler Sandaland proposed to Brittany Snow. The actress is best known for her role as "this ginger," Chloe in the movie Pitch Perfect. The couple have been dating since last August.

Sandaland, a former professional surfer, proposed with a four-prong diamond solitaire on a classy pave band. Great choice!

His announcement of their engagement on Instagram is one of the sweetest I've read in a while. "I don’t know how I got so lucky and I don’t know that I really understood what love is until you. Everything changed when we met. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, incredible humans and I couldn’t be more excited to do life with you. Here’s to forever and making our wildest dreams come true. Love you to the moon and back.”


Jessica Rothe Engaged to Eric Clem

It took a little digging to learn anything about Eric Clem. For one thing, one of the celebrity sites spelled his last name Flem. Um...so glad I didn't make that same mistake.

After a slightly deeper Google dive, I discovered that Eric Clem is not only an actor, but a seriously talented woodworker and bowyer. In case you don't know what a bowyer is (I certainly didn't!), it is a person who makes bows, as in bows and arrows.

Clem also makes furniture, arrows, and more out of wood. I really encourage you to check out his website. His work is absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, Jessica Rothe played the role of Alexis, Mia's roommate friend, in La La Land. She also starred in several comedy-dramas, as well as in the movie Forever My Girl.

Rothe and Clem announced their engagement on Valentine's Day. Rothe's engagement ring features a gorgeous wide yellow gold band with a serious round diamond solitaire. I'm guessing the diamond weighs 3 to 4 carats. A stunning and truly unique choice!

We wish all of these couples the best! If you are in the mood to shop celebrity style for your engagement ring, please give us a call today.