Natural Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald is the traditional birthstone of May and is also a popular gemstone choice for an alternative engagement ring.  Emerald engagement rings and emerald rings in general are suitable for every day wearing but the stone is softer than a diamond so the wearer should be more conscious of activities where impact is likely to occur.

natural emerald engagement rings
Stunning natural 4.8 carat Emerald with diamond baguette accents in platinum View Here


Most emeralds have some degree of internal inclusions but typically when shopping for an emerald one should look for good transparency and a vibrant green color.  Inclusions will be present but should not be the first thing noticed about the stone.  Typically the more clear crystalline inclusions are visually preferred over dark or black spots, as is the case with diamonds as well.

Genuine Emerald Engagement Rings
A magnificent vintage emerald  nearly 2.5 carats and flanked by diamond baguettes View Here


Natural emeralds are almost universally treated to enhance their clarity with oil or resin.  These treatments are mostly permanent for the wearer by can sometimes be disrupted in the goldsmithing or cleaning process if the stone has to take any type of significant heat. Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommend for emerald jewelry, gentle detergent in warm water with a soft toothbrush to remove dried on lotion or gunk should be sufficient to keeping the stone looking good.

Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring
Stunning antique emerald ring is from the 1920’s and ready for another long lifetime.


As seen in the ring above, emeralds can stand the test of time and should be considered as a great alternative engagement ring.  Emerald jewelry also makes a great anniversary present, it is the traditional stone for celebrating a 20 year anniversary.

Emerald Engagement Rings Gold
Celebrate an engagement, May birthday, or 20 year anniversary with Genuine Emeralds. View Here