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LeAnn Rimes’ Engagement Ring Details

Capture the Essence! of LeAnn Rimes' love of fleur-de-lis with this Rhonda Faber Green Diamond Pendant Fleur-de-Lis. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.
Capture the Essence! of LeAnn Rimes’ love of fleur-de-lis with this Rhonda Faber Green Diamond Pendant Fleur-de-Lis. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

LeAnn Rimes’ engagement ring traces its roots back to Seattle, Washington. It was custom made by California jeweler Brent Polacheck.

According to IWMagazine, Polacheck Jewelers began as a Seattle diamond store in the 1920s. It has now burgeoned into a multigeneration California jewelry outfit with appeal to “sophisticated males” between 32 and 50 years of age.

This appeal to men of distinction comes largely from Polacheck’s emphasis on large diamonds and luxury watches by Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Rolex {cited}. A visit to Polacheck’s website confirms this focus on mens jewelry. The site showcases Patek Philippe watches and bold gemstone pieces by Armenta, Ippolita, and Roberto Coin.

They do offer a selection of womens jewelry. However, their marketing definitely appeals to the cosmopolitan man purchasing a gift for his woman. Here we see the sculptured pieces of David Yurman,  the colorful offerings of KCDesigns, and delicate elegance of Penny Preville.

One thing Polacheck Jewelers does not present on their website is engagement rings. So, how did Eddie Cibrian convince the esteemed jewelers to spend countless hours designing Leann Rimes’ engagement ring?

Turns out Brent and Eddie grew up together. It was a natural fit for Brent to fashion the diamond, platinum, and rose gold engagement ring for Eddie’s lady love.

Together, they conceived the 5-carat diamond engagement ring set in platinum and rose gold. The central stone appears to be rimmed by shimmering single-cut diamonds. The rose gold band features twin fleur-de-lis paved in rose-cut diamonds.

“Le[Ann]’s participation in the design was solely regarding the Fleur de Lis. She had her heart set on having that incorporated in the ring,” Brent told People. The overall effect is unique and absolutely beautiful.

What do you think? Did the men do her proud?

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Gypsy Settings: Popular Among Men Since the 1880s

Vintage Mens Gypsy Set Diamond Wedding Band


The brilliant diamond in this 1940s vintage mens wedding band is mounted in a classic gypsy setting, complete with the star-shaped engravings typical of 19th century “gypsy rings”.

To make a gypsy setting, a goldsmith first drills a precisely calibrated hole into the band of the ring. He then presses the gemstone into the hole up to its girdle. After taping the stone and mounting to protect them, he rims the stone with a ring of molten metal and gently taps around the stone at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock.

He continues tapping gently at these points until the metal firmly hugs the stone, which appears nearly flush with the mounting at this point. As the metal begins to harden, he may use a chisel to add the star-shaped design flourishes. This was common practice for gypsy rings at the turn of the 20th century.

The gypsy setting is one of the most secure settings for gemstones. As such, it has been favored by men since its inception in the late 1880s. According to an 1884 issue of the Jewelers’ Circular and Horological Review, while the gypsy ring had been in fashion among men for quite some time, ladies were beginning to wear them in the quintessential Victorian three-ring fashion:

“Gypsy rings, with the stones deeply imbedded in the gold, which were originally intended only for gentlemen, are now as often chosen by ladies. As a whole, these are not so massive as those worn by gentlemen. They are rounded bands of gold and may have a ruby, sapphire, cat’s-eye or any other stone in the center with a diamond on each side. The stones are so buried in the gold that only the surface shows.” {1}

At this same time a new trend was emerging, one so novel that it was called odd in the same issue of the Jewelers’ Circular. “Rings of hammered platina* with a brilliant diamond in gypsy setting are odd looking, as the metal resembles silver somewhat.” {2} Since yellow gold was still the fashion of the day, platina was most definitely out of place.

As time progressed, both white gold and platinum became widely used for crafting rings for both men and women. What once appeared odd became highly fashionable and remains so to this day. With the resurgence in popularity of antique and vintage engagement rings, the gypsy setting proves a wise and fashionable choice in wedding jewelry, especially for men.

The classic lines of the design, long associated with masculinity, offer a sophisticated way for men to include a little dazzle in their wedding bands. And the security afforded by the gypsy setting makes it an ideal choice for men who use their hands a lot, especially if their work requires the use of tools or heavy equipment.

How about it, men? Would you choose a gypsy set wedding band?

*Platina is a native alloy of platinum with paladium, iridium, osmium, etc.

1. “Cause and Effect.” The Jewelers’ Circular and Horological Review, Volume 15, No. 1 New York, February, 1884, p. 4.
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Jewelry buyers to flock to auction with 20th century film memorabilia

Jewelry buyers to flock to auction with 20th century film memorabiliaSometimes, it isn't the vintage brooch or the diamond necklace itself that has big value – it's the story behind it that draws jewelry buyers into bidding wars. This is what organizers expect to see during a November 9 auction held by Julien's Auction House in California, according to

At the event, numerous pieces of film memorabilia including dresses and jewelry will take the stage, attracting pop culture aficionados from around the globe. Some of the items that are expected to make a splash include jewelry from Bruce Lee's collection, a special effects costume worn by Christopher Reeve and a dress worn by Judy Garland in the original Wizard of Oz.

"People are starting to collect pop culture in the hopes that it will continue to increase in value," Darren Julien, auction house representative, told the news source.

These days, it doesn't take much to find an auction that has numerous valuables for sale, but it's another to find one with priceless film memorabilia. Those who want to cash in on such items from afar might consider phone or online bidding options to get the pieces they desire for their collection.

Jewelry buyers continue to flock to auctions for celebrity valuables

Jewelry buyers continue to flock to auctions for celebrity valuablesIn the case of big name celebrities, many of their belongings attract jewelry buyers once they pass on, and their valuables become available through auctions. Big band leader Kay Kyser is one example of a star who had several fans during his day and recently drew dozens of people to bid on his precious items.

Leland Little Auction & Estate Sales held a sale on September 15 to sell off several items belonging to pop icons, including Frank Sinatra and Kay Kyser. A 14-karat gold watch given to Kyser from Bob Hope was one of the most prized items up for bidding at the three-day event, along with Sinatra's wardrobe.

Fine jewelry, rare wines, porcelain and Oriental rugs were also highlights of the sale, which took place in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Phone and online bidding were offered to those who couldn't attend the event in person.

Whether you're interested in vintage jewelry or pottery that dates back centuries, auctions are a great place to find the treasures on your list. As Skinner Inc. reports, you can get a good idea of what's on the market these days through sales hosted by auction houses and firms, giving you a leg up as you attempt to expand your collection.

Give your man a piece of platinum fine jewelry this Christmas

Platinum fine jewelry is perfect for men!If your guy cares about his appearance at work and spends longer than average adjusting his suit and tie in the morning, chances are he might be open to a statement piece of fine jewelry to up his game in the office.

Watches, bracelets and rings are all great options that can be subtle indications of status and class among men. A man's best bet is platinum jewelry, which is one of the most precious metals. It's been seen on celebrities and athletes everywhere, so platinum jewelry for men is definitely a rising trend.

Since men don't typically have many jewelry pieces to call their own, it makes sense to make each fine jewelry item in their collection special. Quality over quantity is the rule most men should go by when it comes to their jewelry choices.

Consider buying your man a vintage ring, a pair of cufflinks or a statement watch that features platinum. The right masculine touches and finishes can do a lot to boost your guy's style this season.

Fine estate jewelry could be exactly what your man needs this holiday season

Your man will love a piece of fine jewelry this holiday season!Picking out the perfect gift for the man in your life is difficult, especially if he seems to have everything he wants. Any time he seriously yearns for something, chances are he picks it up at the store as soon as he possibly can. If he already has the latest gadget, the latest video game or the latest book from his favorite author, fine estate jewelry could make a great present.

Many guys don't know much about fashion, but they like to look stylish and fit in with their friends and coworkers. If he's a classy guy with a good job and a nice group of friends – chances are a piece of fine jewelry could up his game. You may want to think about an estate ring, a pair of vintage cuff links or even a set of dress studs.

He'll be able to look polished and sophisticated at any formal events, and he'll appreciate the thought that you put in to find him the perfect piece. Even if he's not the type of guy to wear necklaces or rings, something to spruce up his business suit would definitely be appropriate.

Men’s jewelry for the best dad in the world

There are many options to give the best dad in the world when it comes to men's jewelryAre you going crazy thinking about what to get your dad for Father's Day? A "World's #1 Dad" mug or t-shirt are great ways to show your appreciation for the best dad in the world, but why not make it extra special and give him some bling instead?

If your dad is the no-fuss, man's man kind of guy, it's more than likely that the only accessory that he likes to wear is his wedding band. So instead of giving him a super fancy vintage ring that he's never going to wear, give him a watch or a gorgeous pair of cufflinks instead. These practical accessories will surely be a hit with him and he'll appreciate the thought.

For a dad who does like to accessorize, a men's jewelry vintage ring with his birthstone or a vintage pendant will definitely make him smile. Just be aware of his style so you can purchase the right piece. For a personal touch, have the bauble engraved with a special quote or a statement of your love for your dad.

Consider men’s jewelry as a gift for your loved one

Choose a bold men's ring to gift your hubby.Are you pulling out your hair trying to think of what to get your hubby or boyfriend for that special occasion? Maybe it's his birthday or your anniversary and it might seem like you've pretty much given him every gift imaginable, so why not do something non-traditional and give him men's jewelry?

It always used to be the other way around – a guy chooses a gorgeous vintage bracelet or ring to present to his gal as a gift – but these days, more men are opting to accessorize. The gender lines are sure crossing paths as more males are starting to understand that looks do matter, and just like their counterparts, accessorizing with beautiful pieces of men's jewelry is a great way to showcase one's style.

If you can flash some gorgeous bling, why not your man? Choose a chunky vintage ring for him – nothing says power than a big piece of rock set in gold or platinum. Is your hubby not much of the flashy type? Choose a pair of cufflinks instead that he can wear during those special events or at work. 

Men and cufflinks

Cufflinks have been the mark of a gentleman for centuries.Besides a watch, cufflinks are normally seen as the quintessential male jewelry. Used to fasten French cuffs, a formal wardrobe would be incomplete without them.

The jewelry pieces have always been a perennial element of the classic male style. According to, cufflinks have been around for more than 800 years. Tailors began using buttons as fasteners during the 13th century, and the popularity continued until the post-Renaissance period in the 1600s when garment makers outfitted cuffs with ornamented buttons attached together by a chain, the news outlet explains.

Noblemen started wearing the pieces in either silver or gold, normally embellished with precious gems like diamonds. For the less wealthy, glass became the diamond alternative all throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, according to the news source.

Today, the cufflink is the mark of a gentleman. With different styles and designs, you don't have to be a millionaire to own a pair. In fact, today's trends opt for simpler styles without the over-embellishments of antique jewelry pieces of the past.

The revival of male jewelry

Simple pieces like this sapphire ring can give a pop to any wardrobeWomen can wear a whole host of different styles whether they're going to the office or the nightclub, but men are much more limited in their sartorial options. When it comes to male fashion, it's the nuances in lapel size and suit color that differentiates one from the other.

Perhaps this is the reason why some men are taking pride in wearing jewelry to give their ensembles a more personalized touch. Men with royal pedigrees have followed the trend for centuries – if you were a king, you had to look the part. Today, however, men are looking for pieces that are not as over-the-top. Jewelry designer Philip Crangi, who was interviewed by the New York Times, explained that "[men] want something that feels like they've always owned it, something that makes a statement without being ostentatious."

Whether you have a family heirloom or are interested in purchasing something new, male vintage jewelry offers a great way to separate yourself from the rest of the suit-wearing crowd. Just don't go overboard with the bling and keep it classy.