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Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

Kim Kardashian West in 2014.

Kim Kardashian West in 2014.

Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from Kanye West was fashioned by A-list designer Lorraine Schwartz. According to a Lorraine Schwartz representative, the ring is a perfect D-Color, Flawless, 15-carat natural white diamond. Mounted on a minimalist band set with pavé diamonds, the diamond appears to hover over the top of her finger. This was precisely what Ms. Kardashian’s fiancé intended.

The same rep told E!News, “[Mr. West] wanted the diamond to look like it was floating on air.” During the months preceding his knock-out proposal, Mr. West spent a fair portion of his time working closely with designer Lorraine Schwartz to ensure that his lady love and muse would have the most over-the-top engagement ring on the field. “He had a vision,” said the jewelry designer’s rep. “He looked at a lot of stones and he wanted only the best.”

You can’t get much better than a Flawless D diamond! The cushion-cut stone is Kimberley registered, ensuring that all measures possible were taken to confirm that the diamond was never used to finance rebel movements. The rep further expressed that the stone was ethical, though it is unclear whether this means it was ethically mined, or whether it simply refers to its registration with the Kimberley Process.

Us Magazine reports that Lorraine was honored to work closely with Kanye to design Kim’s ring. They report, “Lorraine was happy that Kanye asked her to create the ring with him. Kim and Lorraine are dear friends.”

What a boon for Kim to have such a friend as Lorraine Schwartz. Hailed as a trendsetter and a world-renowned jewelry designer, Lorraine Schwartz designs are seen frequently on the red carpets, adorning such celebrities as Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Her style, like many of her favorite clients, is bold and ethereal, but taste alone is not enough. According to the staff at Gallery Atlantic, Ms. Schwartz asserts that quality craftsmanship must be paired with excellent taste for success in the business of jewelry. We could not agree more.

Angelina Jolie Wears an Exceptional Engagement Ring

Capture the Essence! of Exceptional Craftsmanship with this Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Capture the Essence! of Exceptional Craftsmanship with this Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

An intimate wedding took place in France on August 23, 2014, though a few of the couple’s most tender moments were displayed for all to see in September issues of People and Hello! magazines. A veil decorated with the art of their children, a kiss to send you to the moon, and a beautiful story of love, laughter, and the antics of children.

It was the wedding of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated couples, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The exclusive stories written in People and Hello! offer a peek-a-boo view into many of the wedding details, including the dress, the veil, the cake, and the ties.

However, they offer only a hint about the couple’s wedding rings. All we know is that they were made by the couple’s favorite jewelry designer, Robert Procop, who creates truly exceptional jewels, just as his website declares.

A bit more is known about Angelina’s exceptional engagement ring, which was designed by Brad Pitt and executed by Robert Procop. A series of graduated emerald-cut diamonds pave the band, with one central emerald-cut diamond weighing an estimated 7 carats.

In a statement released in 2012, Robert Procop wrote, “The side diamonds are specially cut to encircle her finger.”

One could call Mr. Procop a tailor for rings, at least for the Jolie-Pitt family. He has worked closely with Angelina to design jewels for her role in Malificent, as well as a whole collection of pieces inspired by personal jewels worn by the actress and also those given as gifts to her now-husband, Brad Pitt. The proceeds from all of the jewels sold by Robert Procop in partnership with Angelina Jolie are donated to charities for children.

There has been speculation that Ms. Jolie’s ring is fashioned from platinum and that they’re wedding bands are also fashioned from platinum. However, based on a survey of the jewels created by Robert Procop and the descriptions given for these jewels, especially those in the Tablet Collection, it would be this writer’s estimation that the rings they wear are fashioned from 18k rose gold.

Without doubt, the two very grounded, very sentimental actors have laced these most treasured jewels in their personal collections with meaning and engraved messages that only they and their intimates will understand. The weight of history in their rings reminds this writer of the power of jewelry to preserve history even as it is in the making.

Kurt Russell Gives Goldie Hawn a Designer Diamond Ring

Capture the Essence! of Goldie Hawn's Designer Eternity Band with this Vendoro Diamond and Yellow Gold Cocktail Eternity Band. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Capture the Essence! of Goldie Hawn’s Designer Eternity Band with this Vendoro Diamond-Encrusted Yellow Gold Cocktail Eternity Band. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

This past January, Kurt Russell picked up a very special diamond ring from celebrity jewelry designer Violette par Larme Violette. According to Diana Cooper of Closer Weekly, the celebrated actor picked it out during the Sundance Film Festival from French celebrity design firm Violette par Larme Violette.

The ring is a stunning piece set in silver with the firm’s signature White V diamonds. Consisting of layer upon layer of twisting metal studded with diamonds, the ring is named Eternity, symbolic of faith and eternal love. The makers of this ring declare it carries with it the enduring message, “Together forever, our path will never end.”

This will likely be the closest thing Goldie Hawn wears to an engagement ring or wedding band. For 31 years the actors have been life partners, living, working, and raising children together, but they have not gotten married and will likely keep it that way. Mr. Russell chose the ring as a Valentine’s Day gift for his sweetheart. After 31 years of a good thing, it seems indeed their partnership will continue into eternity. May it be so!

Rita Wilson Wears a Gumuchian ‘Captiva’ Wedding Band

Capture the Essence! of Rita Wilson's Engagement Ring with this Gorgeous Natural Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring with Triangle Cut Diamonds. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Capture the Essence! of Rita Wilson’s Engagement Ring with this Gorgeous Natural Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring with Triangle Cut Diamonds. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

One of Hollywood’s most enduring couples, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, reportedly began their 27-year romance without an engagement ring {cited}. While this tidbit remains a rumor, it does seem that Rita Wilson has added to her bridal collection fairly recently. On their Facebook page, the celebrated jewelry firm Gumuchian relates that a little over 10 years ago, Ms. Wilson purchased one of their ‘Captiva’ wedding bands. This would have been close to 12 years after the couple said their vows.

According to their website, Gumuchian lays claim to pioneering the practice of setting diamonds on the side of the bands, the trademark of the ‘Captiva’ collection. Rita Wilson does indeed wear a beautiful diamond-studded band, alongside two thinner stackable bands micro-paved in diamonds, and what is clearly a diamond engagement ring.

Her engagement ring features a beautiful emerald- or cushion-cut diamond flanked by two triangular diamonds on a platinum or white gold band. Elegant and understated, just as we would expect from such a classy lady. Details on when and how Tom Hanks proposed do not seem to be forthcoming, so all there is left to say is thank you to one of Hollywood’s most happily married couples. You are an inspiration to us all!

Nicole Kidman Wears a Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Capture the Essence! of Nicole Kidman's Engagement Ring with this 1930s Antique Three-Stone Engagement Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Capture the Essence! of Nicole Kidman’s Engagement Ring with this 1930s Antique Three-Stone Engagement Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

In November 2005, the gossip mill went wild with rumors of an engagement between ethereal beauty Nicole Kidman and country music artist Keith Urban. She was caught on camera wearing a diamond ring on that finger, though mum remained the word for another six months. Their reps confirmed nothing, and everyone was left to wonder until Nicole settled the matter with People the following, when she corrected their use of the word boyfriend.

“…he’s actually my fiance,” she said, adding, “He’s very good to me” {cited}.

After keeping everyone in suspense for half a year, the actress finally dazzled her paparazzi with excellent shots of the ring. Of the many photos now available on the web, we feel this one captures the ring best. The platinum or white gold band almost appears lost behind the dazzling sparkle of the three diamonds set antique-style side by side.

Rumors abound that the ring was purchased from Cartier, a reasonable assumption based on the actress’s keen affection for the legendary diamantaires. However, these remain unsubstantiated to date.

Many also report that the ring is an antique. It is most definitely vintage in appearance, though its actual origins are not easily confirmed. Therefore, this tidbit remains hearsay.

Nicole wears most wears the engagement ring with a beautiful diamond-studded wedding band.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Wears a 10-carat Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Capture the Essence! of Catherine Zeta-Jones' Marquise Diamond with this Vintage Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Capture the Essence! of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Marquise Diamond with this Vintage Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

After spending Christmas with her family in Wales, Catherine Zeta-Jones flew home to Aspen with her beau Michael Douglas. Their holiday celebrations continued with a lively New Year’s Eve party with friends. Cutting out early, the two went home to spend the first hours of the millennium alone together.

According to Marc Eliot, who released a biography on Michael Douglas in 2012, the actor had been sitting on the gorgeous antique diamond ring “for some time,” and decided at the last minute to surprise her with it that night. The star reportedly told a friend that he had spent the evening comparing Catherine with the rest of the folks at the party, “and no one else compared. Then I thought about how wonderful she is. I decided at the last minute to propose that night.” {1}

Michael Douglas purchased the diamond in New York from renowned designer and collector Fred Leighton. It is reported to be an antique, though this has not been confirmed by a reputable source. What has been confirmed is that the diamond is a 10-carat marquise-cut, prong-set natural white diamond mounted horizontally on a platinum band. Surrounding the diamond is a recessed halo of micro diamonds which rests atop a thin platinum band which is also paved in micro diamonds. The actress wears her engagement ring with several thin diamond-paved bands that match.

According to Mr. Eliot, the distinguished actor paid $250,000 for the ring; however, most news reports estimate the cost and/or value of the ring between $1 and $2 million. This is a huge discrepancy which warrants further investigation. Of note, Celebrity Bride Guide reported that on her wedding day, Catherine Zeta-Jones also wore a diamond tiara borrowed from Fred Leighton’s collection for the occasion.


  1. Eliot, Marc. Michael Douglas: A Biography. New York: Crown Archetype, 2012, p. 237.

Emily Blunt Wears an Edwardian-Inspired Neil Lane Engagement Ring

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

In 2009, John Krasinski, most famous for his role in The Office, got down on one knee and proposed to Emily Blunt. Encouraged by her heartfelt ‘Yes’, the actor slipped a gorgeous Edwardian-inspired designer engagement ring on her finger.

Custom designed by Neil Lane, one of America’s premier jewelry designers, the platinum ring is exquisite in design and form. Centered atop a double circlet of small round brilliant diamonds rests a 3-carat antique-cut diamond mounted in Neil Lane’s signature four-prong setting. The shoulders of the band are hand engraved on the sides and tops, and the delicate, thin band fits demurely beside Emily’s diamond-paved platinum wedding band.

Neil Lane has long been inspired by the historic jewels of the world. He has traveled extensively and began collecting vintage jewels soon after graduating from college. His passion for diamonds and vintage jewelry has inspired him to create contemporary collections which combine the romance of days gone by with the exquisite elegance of modern design.

Neil Lane has distinguished himself as one of Hollywood’s chosen few in the realm of jewelry design, creating jewelry for a wide range of stars, including Elizabeth Taylor, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie.

Tiffany Promises a Starry Surprise with Etoile

Capture the Essence! of the Stars with this Tiffany & Co. Etoile Engagement Ring in Platinum and Diamond. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Capture the Essence! of the Stars with this Tiffany & Co. Etoile Engagement Ring in Platinum and Diamond. Photo ©2014 EraGem Jewelry.

Picture yourself beneath the starry September skies, kneeling on the soft ground. In your hand you hold a dark blue box of promise. The words Tiffany & Co. line the inside of the box in silver. You know the minute she sees the brilliant diamond winking at her from inside that box, her breath will catch, and her next word will be, “Yes.”

Few other names can give you the confidence you’re certain to need on this day of great import. Tiffany & Co. ensures brilliant diamonds, stunning designs, and the history of a company forged in the faery air of the Art Nouveau period. True to its origins, the world renowned design company continues to fashion superior jewels laced with history, yet designed with today’s contemporary beauty in mind.

In particular, their exquisite Etoile line boasts perfect timelessness in a modern streamlined design. French in name, Etoile (which means ‘star’) evokes celestial brilliance and promises effortless elegance. This stunning authentic Tiffany & Co. Etoile engagement ring is centered with a 0.30 carat, semi-bezel set, round brilliant cut diamond grading H/VS2. With excellent cut, symmetry, and polish grades, this diamond is sure to dazzle the eye.

The solid platinum band is 4mm in width and features a comfort fit design. The diamond is certified with paperwork from Tiffany & Co., and the ring comes with its original box and papers.

How confident do you want to be when you pop your question?

Immerse Yourself in Hollywood Glamour at the MFA in Boston

Multi-use Necklace of Actress June Knight, late 1930s. Neil Lane Collection. Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Multi-use Necklace of Actress June Knight, late 1930s. Neil Lane Collection. Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

by Angela Magnotti Andrews

Opening at the Museum of Fine Arts-Boston (MFA) September 9, 2014, Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen promises to dazzle with exquisite gowns and jewels worn by some of Hollywood’s most prominent Golden Age actresses.

The iconic retro styles of Mae West, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, and Marlene Dietrich continue to influence fashion today. The MFA aims, with this exhibition, to demonstrate the uniquely American take on style which was, as co-curator Michelle Finamore states,  “an ideal expression of Hollywood’s distinctive brand of escapist fantasy.”

When you walk through the gallery doors, you’ll be taking a step back in time. You will see sumptuous gowns made of metallic lamé  woven with real gold and silver, silk satin, and chiffon, made by leading designers Travis Banton, Gilbert Adrian, and Edith Head. You’ll see a beautiful pair of silver leather platform shoes worn by Mae West, and several stunning photos of the stars taken by Edward Steichen.

And where would The Golden Age of Hollywood be without the stunning retro jewelry designs of Paul Flato, Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin, and Suzanne Belperron? Hollywood Glamour features several works by these and other top designers of that era.

The necklace featured here is a gorgeous platinum, engraved sapphire, and diamond multi-use necklaced designed by Trabert & Hoeffer, Inc.-Mauboussin in the late 1930s. This style of necklace was extremely popular onscreen in the 1930s and 1940s, particularly because of its versatility. In its full form, it was worn as a necklace as seen here, but it could also be separated to form a suite of bracelets, brooches, dress clips, and rings.

This particular necklace, on loan from Neil Lane’s collection, was worn by actress June Knight, who worked in film between 1930-1940. According to IMDB, though her roles in film were underwhelming, her presence on Broadway kept her front and center throughout the 1940s.

Viewers will also see up close an astonishing suite of jewels worn by Joan Crawford. With its highly polished yellow gold flourishes, aquamarine links, and diamond accents, this gorgeous piece was crafted by Verger Freres in around 1935. The necklace, brooch, and bracelet represent the moderne look with their repeating shapes and mechanical appearance.

This beautiful exhibition is on view at the MFA from September 9, 2014 until March 8, 2015, in the Loring Gallery. The exhibition is sponsored by generous donation from Neil Lane Jewelry, with additional support from the David and Roberta Logie Fund for Textile and Fashion Arts and the Loring Textile Gallery Exhibition Fund.

To learn more, we invite you to visit the MFA’s website.

Grace Kelly’s ‘Sweet Diamond’ Engagement Ring

MGM Head Shot Prior to Her Wedding in 1956. Photo is in the Public Domain.

MGM Head Shot Prior to Her Wedding in 1956. Photo is in the Public Domain.

Rumors have circulated since 1956 about Grace Kelly’s engagement ring(s) from Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Some speak of her diamond and ruby eternity band, while others speak of what has been hailed the second most-famous engagement ring in history, a stunning 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond ring with a baguette diamond set horizontally onto each of its platinum shoulders.

Most sources claim that the Prince initially proposed with the eternity ring, only to realize his error in American etiquette after visiting Hollywood for the first time. Others give the Prince a little more credit and claim he gave Ms. Kelly the eternity band as a ring of promise while the more elaborate diamond ring was fashioned in the workshops at Cartier.

As reported in Life Magazine on January 16, 1956, Ms. Kelly wore the diamond and ruby ring on her first visit home after her engagement. In that issue, a photograph shows Ms. Kelly seated next to Prince Rainier between her parents on their couch. She holds her left hand extended toward her mother. We cannot see the ring, but the caption reads, “In the Kellys’ living room Grace’s mother examines daughter’s diamond and ruby engagement ring as Prince and father Kelly proudly look on.”

When she returned to the set at MGM for filming of High Society, Ms. Kelly asked the director if she could wear her real engagement ring in lieu of costume jewelry for the appropriate scenes in the movie.

While Cartier on their website claim that on set Ms. Kelly wore the magnificent diamond and platinum engagement ring, James Spada, who wrote a biography on Grace Kelly called Grace: The Secret Lives of a Princess, claims that the ring she dazzled her coworkers with was “an enormous, spectacularly beautiful ring: intertwined diamonds and rubies (to represent Monaco’s official colors) set with Grimaldi family heirloom jewels” {p. 170-71}.

Unfortunately, Mr. Spada fails to credit his source for that piece of information. I suppose it’s possible she wore both while she was off screen, but on screen she clearly wears only one ring, and it is definitely not an eternity band. The rest of the story he tells about that moment in history is so charming, one hopes the only detail he got wrong is the description of the ring.

He writes that after she asked, her director quipped that he must of course examine the ring in order to ensure “it was good enough” {p. 170}. She dutifully obliged him the next day, and as her co-workers gasped and gaped, she demurely responded, “It is sweet, isn’t it?” {p. 171}. This understated response, Mr. Spada relates, elicited no small amount of teasing from her awestruck co-workers.

Certainly, gorgeous diamonds are sweet and then some!