Jewelry trends that left a mark on this year’s Academy Awards ceremony

Jewelry trends that left a mark on this year's Academy Awards ceremonyDesigners and collectors from all over the world tend to keep a close eye on the red carpet events and runways, especially during this time of year. If you missed out on last Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast, you might be wondering which fashion and vintage jewelry trends had the most tremendous impact on the event.

Although diamonds are just as popular as ever, it seems that more guests and nominees are opting for lavish colored gemstones. Green pieces such as emeralds were popular choices last year, and this time the trend stuck around, according to Forbes. However, warm-colored gems like rubies and orange sapphire were also in the spotlight. Whether it’s elegant cocktail rings or traditional necklaces, celebs definitely used color to attract attention this year.

Men’s jewelry items such as platinum cufflinks and sporty wristwatches seemed to be one of the fastest-growing styles on the market as more guys are making it a point to look professional.

If you’re wondering which jewelry pieces to expect at retailers this spring, you might want to stay informed about fashion shows and red carpet events.

Jewelry experts unite to host the annual Ultimate Proposal Contest

Jewelry experts unite to host the annual Ultimate Proposal ContestJewelry experts spend a lot of time conducting research as they learn more about demographics and other sales-related queries. One highly-publicized event that gives jewelry professionals – and the rest of the world – insight on how accessories such as jewelry and antique engagement rings can be used in relation to romance is the Ultimate Proposal Contest, which is sponsored by the Jewelry Information Center on an annual basis.

According to the Bradenton Herald, this contest is a nationwide search for the most engaging proposal story, and the organizers are asking for submissions to be turned in by May 8. Twenty entries that receive the most votes will qualify for a final judging round, and the winning contestants will receive a Sandals Resorts Caribbean vacation as well as a platinum necklace with diamond accents. More than 90 jewelery retailers and designers from around the country will be participating in the event.

If you’re hoping to find vintage jewelry pieces that can charm your girlfriend or fiancée, you should stay informed about the Ultimate Proposal Contest and use it as a personal guide.

How to choose an ideal antique looking engagement ring

How to choose an ideal antique looking engagement ring

If you’ve decided to propose to a lucky girl in your life, your biggest problem might be choosing the perfect engagement ring. Although there are quite literally several directions you can go, you might want to consider looking into antique engagement rings, which are currently some of the trendiest items on the market. Here are some tips on how to choose an appropriate vintage jewelry piece.

Since solidarity is an important facet of any relationship, you should opt for durable and top-quality precious metals such as white, yellow or rose gold. Platinum is also becoming a popular choice, and it can sometimes be the most affordable without sacrificing elegance. Although diamonds are a mainstay in the realm of antique jewelry, colored gemstones such as sapphire and emeralds have consistently been part of a growing trend recently.

If you have a piece picked out, research methods of determining its purity and consult with an expert to get a second opinion. You shouldn’t go for anything below 10 karats, but 18 might be the best way to show your devotion.

Upcoming Academy Awards jewelry trends to look forward to

Upcoming Academy Awards jewelry trends to look forward toEvery year, fashion experts pay close attention to major red carpet events such as the Academy Awards, which is one of the most highly-publicized showcases of trending apparel and jewelry choices. If you’re hoping to stay informed about the items that’ll soon be hitting retailers all around the globe, get a head start by learning which styles are expected at this year’s Oscar ceremony.

According to The Sacramento Bee, leading fashion expert Michael O’Connor, who will be hosting StyleLab’s pre-ceremony event for nominees, presenters and stylists, has unveiled some items to expect at the Academy Awards show. Bold colored gemstones such as pink diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and even orange sapphires, will likely dominate the red carpet event. Statement cuffs for men, mega drop earrings and diamond-accented wristwatches are also among the most popular celebrity choices.

You can rest assured knowing that virtually any item seen during the Academy Awards ceremony will likely appear in the inventory of retailers everywhere. With this knowledge, stay ahead of the curve by looking online a month or two after the event, as internet retailers tend to provide the speediest access to trending pieces at affordable prices.

Jewelry overview for red carpet trends in 2012

Jewelry overview for red carpet trends in 2012This is perhaps the most exciting time of the year for many jewelry enthusiasts across the globe, as a combination of the SAG Awards, the Grammys and the Oscars reveals which trends will dominate the remainder of the year. From vintage jewelry pieces to cocktail rings, this year’s awards shows are unveiling a lot of pep and style-blending – signs of plenty more sunny days ahead in the fashion world.

One intriguing red carpet number that will certainly ring true throughout the year is Naya Rivera’s sleeveless white sequined gown with white gold Neil Lane jewelry pieces. While streamlined colors and precious metals are being weaved into fashionable vintage jewelry combinations, other designers are aiming for awe-inspiring colors. For example, Sofia Vergara’s amethyst Lorraine Schwartz combination paired beautifully with her lengthy purple formal dress.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this year’s jewelry trends are determined only by color and stone types. Designers are also making it a point to draw inspiration from previous generations, bringing back glamorous items like diamond brooches and antique engagement rings.

Ready for summer? Trending seasonal jewelry items to look out for

Ready for summer? Trending seasonal jewelry items to look out forSeasons often have a tremendous influence on fashion trends, paving the way for unique styles and state-of-the-art jewelry schemes. If you have several events marked on the calendar for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, you might be interested in knowing which vintage jewelry items are trendiest for 2012.
It seems as if contemporary trends are shifting gears in reverse, as more celebs are strutting their stuff on red carpets with jewelry and clothing items that were popular during the 1960s and 70s.

According to, for example, prominent designer Maria Francesca Pepe is implementing the concept of serpents into black onyx bracelets and beaded necklaces, a style that was widely used in the 70s.

Some jewelry enthusiasts are taking another route, going for the glamour of the 60s with diamond brooches and elaborate cocktail rings with massive colored gemstone centerpieces. Emerald, sapphire and opal are ideal examples of gems that can pair well with precious metals like white gold and platinum.

If you’re preparing for a summer full of formal events, now is the time to start shopping for eye-catching jewelry items that can complement your best outfits.

Ben Flajnik proposes behind the scenes of The Bachelor with antique looking engagement ring

Ben Flajnik proposes behind the scenes of The Bachelor with antique looking engagement ringBen Flajnik, the co-owner of the prestigious Envolve Winery in California’s Sonoma area, has been carefully selected by ABC as the frontrunner for this season of reality show The Bachelor. Although the rule of the game is to develop love and inspire matrimony during the climactic season finale, this year’s surprise might have already been ruined.

According to Wetpaint Entertainment, Flajnik dropped to his knees and proposed to contestant Courtney Robertson before the cameras started rolling for the season finale. The white gold engagement ring was infused with old European cut diamonds and hand-crafted by Neil Lane in a traditional style.

“Ben had it made specifically for Courtney,” the news source revealed. “He put a lot of thought into it and worked closely with Neil to create what he hoped would be the ring of her dreams.”

If you’re on the prowl for antique engagement rings or hand-crafted contemporary pieces, you should help your fiancée feel unique by endowing her with an item that can have just as much sentiment as monetary value.

Vintage jewelry show gives enthusiasts an up-close and personal glance at items that belonged to Hollywood legends

Vintage jewelry show gives enthusiasts an up-close and personal glance at items that belonged to Hollywood legendsAlthough it’s safe to say that there are plenty of new trends that are changing the face of the industry, many collectors still prefer vintage jewelry. There are certain exhibits that give attendees the chance to feast their eyes on the pieces once worn by Hollywood legends.

According to Art Fix Daily, U.S. Antique Shows, a producer of exhibits in North America, has announced its intention to launch a new festival in the Midwest. Known as the Chicago Antique Jewelry and Watch Show, this event will take place at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers from April 20-22.

“We are very excited to bring this unique and diverse merchandise to the residents and jewelry community of Chicago,” show director Andrea Canady told the news source. “We are not only featuring pieces from all eras of jewelry history, but attendees will also have the chance to get up close and personal with jewels from the stars.”

Popular items include an 18-karat gold and diamond brooch from the estate of Ella Fitzgerald and white crystal dangling earrings that belonged to Marilyn Monroe. Events such as these can give you a better idea of the type of estate jewelry you’re looking for.

Cocktail ring ideas that might spruce up your formal attire

Cocktail ring ideas that might spruce up your formal attireIf you love nothing more than an exquisite jewelry piece that can accommodate your best outfits, you probably have a strong interest in cocktail rings. Colored gemstone items usually have a strange way of making any ordinary clothing ensemble look more luxurious, and they typically don’t cost too much.

If you prefer wearing basic streamlined colors like black and white, colored gemstones such as black onyx, pearls and opal might just be the most suitable pieces for you. While precious metals and diamonds can just as easily accommodate such apparel, colored gemstones might make a louder and more unique statement.

On the other hand, colored gemstones like turquoise, sapphire and emeralds are incredibly trendy items for spring attire. Since most of the numbers you’ll be wearing at this time of the year will involve bright hues and fashionable styles, these gems might just provide the most suitable complement.

When searching for vintage jewelry pieces and cocktail rings, your choices should really depend on your fashion preferences as well as your sparkling personality.

Antique jewelry shows that can help you make the right choices

Antique jewelry shows that can help you make the right choicesThe only problem with shopping around for vintage jewelry is the fact that you almost never know what you can expect to find at festivals or in someone’s collection. However, even if these events don’t offer exactly the type of piece you’re looking for, they can give you a good reference for antique jewelry retailers.

According to Auction Central News, more than 1,500 guests made an appearance at the inaugural Art, Jewelry and Antique Show in Naples, Florida, on February 10. Art collectors and enthusiasts from all over the region ventured to the 40,000 square-foot Naples Exhibition Center to feast their eyes on the antique designs of more than 75 international exhibitors.

“We have met some of the most interesting people we have ever met in 30 years of doing shows,” Michael Teller of TK Asian Antiques told the news source. “I spent nine hours with one couple and five hours with another couple. These people are knowledgeable, and the exchange of conversation and intelligence is unlike any other.”

At popular jewelry exhibits such as this, you can easily find state-of-the-art pieces and network with some of the most skilled artisans in the craft.