Go for the six-prong setting with Tiffany engagement rings

The prominent jewelry designer Tiffany & Co. has solidified its reputation in the 1950s and 60s thanks to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, who pretty much gave meaning to the word glamour. They frequently wore vintage jewelry from Tiffany, including emerald brooches and diamond necklaces, in many films and on a personal basis. Although this type of exposure has allowed the designer to evolve in many ways, one of its oldest products is still the most popular – vintage engagement rings.

Tiffany engagement rings are designed with a six-prong spider-like setting that’s embellished with platinum. These features allow an optimal reflection of light from the diamond or gemstone, making the ring more eye-catching. Although this type of detail might seem relatively new in concept, Tiffany invented the ring in 1886, and it wasn’t long before it took the entire jewelry industry by storm.

These designs are now so popular that even other retailers are trying to imitate them. However, when it comes to quality and sheer brilliance, there’s practically nothing that can compare to Tiffany engagement rings.

Tips to remember when choosing an antique looking engagement ring for your fianc

Tips to remember when choosing an antique looking engagement ring for your fiancéeAlthough it might seem relatively easy to choose an appropriate diamond or gemstone engagement ring for your lovely fiancée, especially now that many online venues are making these items more accessible, you might be surprised to realize how many components you have to look for. Since your bride-to-be will be wearing this piece for the rest of her life, it’s only fair for you to do the necessary research before making the big purchase.

According to Pomerado News, cut, color, clarity and carat are the most important things to look out for when shopping for vintage engagement rings. You can easily save money on a quality stone by searching for old European cut diamonds, which are almost always reliable when it comes to color and clarity. If you hope to save a little money on the investment, go for a colored gemstone or diamond, which can look just as appealing as traditional choices.

Since the buying process can be relatively daunting for those who don’t know much about jewelry, you should definitely make it a point to reference fashion magazines and professionals before endowing your fiancée with an engagement ring.

‘Tis the time of year for vintage jewelry gifts

'Tis the time of year for vintage jewelry giftsNow that Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, you might be considering fine jewelry gifts to endow your sweetheart with. While you can just as easily walk into any store to purchase basic items, you would probably have more options by referring to online venues or local festivals. Luckily, since the demand for antique jewelry is up this time of year, many designers and manufacturers are taking part in local exhibitions and festivals, which can give you the knowledge necessary to make better gifting choices.

According to Beach Connection, local jewelers are organizing a jewelry festival known as Be Jeweled on February 11 in Newport, Oregon. This event will feature a number of unique vintage, exotic and costume jewelry pieces, offering plenty of options for Valentine’s Day shoppers. In addition, all the proceeds will be donated to charity organizations, making the festival a beneficial experience for the entire community.

This time of year, jewelers everywhere will be making it a point to put their inventory out there at exhibitions. Take advantage of this activity by attending these events, if only for research and price comparisons.

Angelina Jolie walks the red carpet with vintage jewelry

Angelina Jolie walks the red carpet with vintage jewelryAngelina Jolie, the beloved actress who is known best for her roles in action flicks like Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, frequently appears in fashion magazines across the globe. It should come as no surprise that she makes waves during red carpet events.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jolie recently walked the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where she wore a dazzling black cocktail dress with ruffles that resembled fashions of the Roaring Twenties. She gave her alluring traditional ensemble a strong finishing touch with gold vintage jewelry pieces, including cocktail rings, an attractive bangle and a unique pair of dangling earrings. The gold earrings were comprised of gold hoops that hung from a smaller circular piece, and the hoop was etched with patterns of black onyx to exhibit an antique flair.

Ladies who wish to accommodate classy outfits might want to consider relying on the sheer radiance and durability of gold. Not only can these items complement practically any ensemble, but they will also provide the sophistication necessary to attract virtually every eye in the room.

Affordable men’s wedding bands that might meet your needs

Affordable men's wedding bands that might meet your needsSince it’s customary to focus more on the bride’s jewelry and apparel during the big wedding day, it’s only natural for you to spend a little more money on your fiancée when making preparations. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concerned with your own wedding band.

Luckily, there are plenty of men’s wedding band options out there that can satisfy all of your needs without costing an arm and a leg. Platinum and palladium are among some of the choices that are trendiest this year, as many guys are going for the streamlined professional look that these precious metals tend to boast. In addition, colored gemstones can often be attractive and just as glamorous as their diamond counterparts. If you feel the need to buy a ring with a little flash, consider purchasing one that’s etched with popular gems like opal or black onyx.

Since the tradition of matrimony is an occasion that should never be taken lightly, you can’t possibly afford to forgo style when it comes to your wedding band.

Want to make your wife a custom antique looking engagement ring? One example that might help!

Want to make your wife a custom antique looking engagement ring? One example that might help!Matrimony is an occasion that can never be taken lightly. It’s expected for the bride to have practically everything she wants on her wedding day, and a snazzy engagement ring is one item that should exceed her expectations. For this reason, you might be considering the prospect of endowing your fiancée with a custom-made antique looking engagement ring.

Since it’s true that every woman has different tastes, especially when it comes to antique jewelry, you might want to think about a pop culture reference that’s most relevant to her. If she’s a big fan of romance novels, consider having a colored gemstone ring customized in the fashion of a rose petal.

If you’re having a tough time grasping this concept, there is a man from California who provides the perfect example of a customized engagement ring. Since his fiancée is such an avid fan of the Indiana Jones series, this man had a jewelry designer in Las Vegas carve a coiled-whip design into the platinum ring. Since his fiancée’s favorite color is yellow, the man also chose a colored gemstone instead of a typical white diamond.

Have a young daughter who is taking an interest in jewelry?

  Have a young daughter who is taking an interest in jewelry?Although jewelry items don’t necessarily become an integral part of a girl’s apparel until she reaches a mature age, you might have a young daughter who is curious about lavish items like earrings and necklaces. While it may be true that you don’t want to overwhelm her with expensive pieces she won’t end up wearing often enough, there are certain items that are more suitable for those who are new to fine jewelry.

Children are often easily attracted to items such as colored gemstones, which are usually more affordable than things like diamonds yet are just as eye-catching. Consider buying your daughter cocktail rings that are infused with a birthstone, which can also give her a sense of personal identity and sentimentality.

Other items that young girls are generally attracted to are vintage jewelry pieces such as white gold bracelets or charm necklaces. Nametag necklaces are also popular jewelry accessories for teens.

Although you may not want to spoil your daughter rotten, there are luxuries in life that you should introduce her to at a young age. Why not help her establish a fashion sense with jewelry items she’ll be happy to wear on a daily basis?

Business strategists come up with innovative approach to estate jewelry buying

Business strategists come up with innovative approach to estate jewelry buyingMany avid jewelry collectors go out of their way to obtain unique estate jewelry items, spending their entire lives prowling those auctions and antique exhibitions for the perfect Victorian pearl necklace or an elegant gemstone cocktail ring that’s just right for a particular outfit. However, there are industry experts who are working on creative ways to make antique jewelry more accessible to the average consumer.

According to JCK, two jewelry manufacturers and business strategists, CEOs Kate Peterson and Patti Geolat, have coordinated an estate jewelry event that combines both buying and selling, creating more exposure for those rare pieces. They both make it a point to organize at least one buying and selling auction per month, and they have hosted 14 since last November.

“The idea of bringing together a buying and selling event in one has worked remarkably well for us and our clients,” Peterson told the news source. “Many retail customers really like the estate and period jewelry expertise and inventory we bring to each event, with some store owners on their second or third event with us.”

Sapphire Tiffany engagement rings continue to gain popularity

Sapphire Tiffany engagement rings continue to gain popularity.Wedding rings have been a prominent tradition in society ever since the dawn of western civilization. Although diamonds will likely always be one of the hottest numbers when it comes to antique engagement rings, there are some new trends in the mix that might just sweep your lady off her feet if you’re thinking about tying the knot.


According to LA Times, one of the most popular emerging trends of 2012 is sapphire engagement rings, and the buzz definitely won’t stop with Kate Middleton, who wears Princess Diana’s eye-catching sapphire piece. These items are typically infused with either white gold or platinum, which provides an ideal complement to the deep blue of the colored gemstone.

“You can wear sapphire blue every day,” Douglas Kazanjian, CEO of Kazanjian Bros., told the news source. “And you won’t have to worry about it clashing with what you’re wearing.”

With this in mind, you might want to consider endowing your lucky fiancée with a lavish sapphire Tiffany engagement piece instead of looking into antique diamond engagement rings. Not only can these colored gemstones be more unique, but they can also come at a reasonable price.

Hoping to get your hands on some alluring estate jewelry?

Hoping to get your hands on some alluring estate jewelry?Even if you know exactly what you’re looking for, finding the perfect vintage jewelry piece can often be a daunting task. However, some items are worth the time and effort. If you’re hoping to speed up the process a little, you might want to do some necessary research and figure out which jewelry auctions or festivals are closest to you. This is perhaps the best way to accidentally stumble upon a new item to add to your collection.

Shop Estate Jewelry

According to Ventura County Star, events such as the antiques bazaar at the Goebel Senior Center in Thousand Oaks, California, can be a great way to find some rare pieces and have fun at the same time. Dozens of vendors will be present at this particular event, offering items ranging from antique clocks to toys and fine jewelry. There will even be door prizes, as well as a silent auction. Professional evaluators will be present in order to appraise platinum jewelry and other popular items.

“The concept is loosely similar to the well-known PBS program Antiques Roadshow,” Andrea Koval, recreation supervisor at Goebel, told the news source. “It offers the visitor the chance of seeing the antique wares of many vendors all at one location.”