More people selling gold estate jewelry

More people are selling their vintage gold jewelry!The price of gold is at an all-time high, which means that dealers who buy fine estate jewelry are experiencing a rise in business.

Estate necklaces, vintage cocktail rings, bracelets and other unique fine jewelry are going for about twice what they were worth three years ago, Tobina Kahn, vice-president of House of Kahn Estate Jewelers told the Chicago Sun-Times. Young individuals who were left gold antique jewelry are just itching to sell the pieces to make extra cash.

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If you want to cash in on the price of gold with a piece of antique jewelry you don’t think you’d ever wear, be sure to sell to a reputable dealer who will give you the amount that it’s really worth. Get more than one appraisal before you decide to sell. Be wary of selling to dealers who are planning to melt down the gold, especially if it’s a vintage piece from a Tiffany & Co. or Cartier collection.

If you’re planning to sell a gold diamond engagement ring, make sure you get the diamond separately appraised if it’s big enough. Otherwise, you may want to hold on to your fine gold jewelry. Who knows, the price could continue to climb in the future!

Actress Bai Ling looks to sell her vintage jewelry collection

Bai Ling is selling her vintage jewelry collection!Ling Bai, known as Bai Ling, who is a Chinese actress known for her villainous role in 1994’s The Crow, has spent a lot of her time recently on worst-dressed lists and reality TV shows. She is planning to make a comeback in the movie industry by selling her collection of fine vintage jewelry.

She will star in the reality show Pawn 90210, which airs September 7th on the E! channel. She’s hoping to sell her vintage Chanel jewelry and other baubles that will likely fetch a decent price.

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Ling is planning to use the proceeds from Yossi Dina’s pawn shop sale to finance a film project that she’s apparently been passionate about for a while.

Whether or not she’ll be able to sell her vintage jewels isn’t the question. Rather, it’s whether or not she’ll be able to successfully re-enter Hollywood on the big screen. Either way, it’s nice to know that some vintage estate jewelry is going to be up for sale, because you can never have enough fine jewelry in your collection.

Man sues ex-fiancee for pricey diamond engagement ring

What would happen to your engagement ring?It’s not really something you want to think about, but just in case your romance ever takes a turn for the worse, you should know what’s likely to happen to your precious estate engagement ring.

A man in Fresno, California, is suing his former fiancee for her diamond engagement ring, which is valued at $52,550. He is asking the court to make her give back the ring, which is made of 14 karat gold and features a 4-carat diamond among 90 tiny diamonds. He is also seeking to get back his Hummer.

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There’s a law stating that a gift given in contemplation of marriage can be recovered if the person who was given the ring called off the wedding. In other words, if the woman calls it off, she has to give back the ring. She may get to keep it if the wedding was called off by her fiance. If a couple mutually agrees upon a dissolved engagement, the man is entitled to get the ring back. However, a simple “may” written in the law suggests that the decision is up to the court.

It all depends on the circumstances, so the reality is that you never know what’s going to end up happening to your diamond engagement ring once the wedding’s called off or if you get a divorce. Surely it’s something to think about!

The history of Cartier’s cats

A vintage piece in the shape of cat is always in.Back in 1919, French artistic director Jeanne Toussaint introduced the cat to Cartier’s fine jewelry collection. She had a love for the exotic, often showing up to formal events in silk pajamas and turbans with long strings of pearls. The lithe panther soon became her signature motif.

In 1948, the Duchess of Windsor commissioned Toussaint to design a brooch featuring a golden cat with black enamel spots crouching over an emerald cabochon, which marked the beginning of many more feline pieces.

Shop Antique BroochesThe panther is still one of Cartier’s signature designs, and roughly a dozen pieces featuring the panther are introduced each year. For many, the animal symbolizes freedom, elegant femininity and a hint of its wild and dangerous nature.

If you’re looking to add a statement piece to your antique jewelry collection, a panther or other wild cat would be the perfect choice. A vintage cocktail ring, bracelet, brooch or necklace featuring the feline could add a touch of elegance and a hint of ferocity to any outfit. Animal-printed designs are a bonus.

Could the Vivid Yellow fit in with your fine vintage jewelry?

Yellow diamonds add interest to any piece!The Vivid Yellow is a fantastically saturated rare yellow diamond weighing 32.77 carats. It’s up for auction at Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels sale on October 18th at Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza flagship. The Gemological Institute of America ranked the pear-shaped stone one of the rarest in its class, making it likely to bring in between six and eight million dollars.

In the world of diamonds, a naturally occurring stone with this kind of blazing color is a real treasure. Yellow diamonds get their color from nitrogen rather than carbon in the structure, which usually results in a faint yellow tint. The Vivid Yellow seems to have absorbed high amounts of nitrogen during it’s formation, making it a deep golden yellow.

The “fancy vivid” grade is only given to colored diamonds of the utmost quality – about one in 10 million, making the Vivid Yellow one-of-a-kind. It will be on display in London, Hong Kong, Geneva and New York before the auction.

If you’re looking to add an exquisite piece to your collection of antique jewelry and estate diamonds, a yellow diamond can do no wrong, whether or not it’s worth millions of dollars.

Not exactly every girl’s dream diamond engagement ring

Now this is more like it!It’s not exactly polite to ask where a woman’s diamond engagement ring came from, but how would you feel if you found out your husband bought your vintage ring at a discount store right across the aisle from groceries and cheap clothing?

Warehouse membership stores are beginning to offer fine jewelry at discounted prices to members, which doesn’t necessarily make it affordable. One ring recently sold for $1 million dollars – and it was valued at around $1.4 million.

Pricing mentality like this can take away the magic of buying a special estate engagement ring. Shopping around and finding the best deals is important, but price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision. You want to find a ring that matches your personality and will captivate you for years to come. A bauble found among canned soup and white bread isn’t exactly something you want to show off.

When you’re looking for vintage wedding rings, start out with an idea of what kind of gem shape you want and the setting that would work best for you, then find rings that match those characteristics and take it from there.

Kim Kardashian’s diamond engagement ring gets a wedding band to match

Kim and Kris get wedding bands to match that giant engagement ring!Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding ceremony in Montecito, California, complete with a crystal-decked cross at the altar, concluded with the exchange of platinum Lorraine Schwartz wedding bands between her and hubby Kris Humphries.

Kim’s diamond wedding band has a hefty 15-carat weight, proving she’s not one to skimp on fine jewelry. The price tag was estimated to be around $200,000, which is a lot less than the diamond engagement ring she was given (worth around $1 million), but still quite expensive. The platinum setting won’t fade or tarnish, making it the perfect choice to symbolize a lasting relationship.

Her wedding ensemble, which included three different dresses, also consisted of over $10 million dollars in fine jewelry, including a diamond headpiece and diamond drop-earrings. Her bridal party was also decked out in diamonds for the star-studded event.

Next time you’re shopping for vintage diamond engagement rings or estate wedding bands, take a cue from Kim and find something dazzling in a platinum setting that will look great on your ring finger.

Cubic zirconia mysteriously shows up in antique diamond engagement ring

Don't fall for a cubic zirconia engagement ring!

A woman in Connecticut recently reported that the stones on her wedding and diamond engagement rings were stolen and replaced with cubic zirconia.

She noticed that the gems were loose and went to a jeweler to get them reset, where she learned that the stones were not diamonds. One of the wedding rings was worth $11,000 and the other was valued at slightly less.

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic crystal often used as an inexpensive alternative to diamonds. It was found in nature in 1937, but hasn’t been discovered naturally since then. It was first created in a laboratory in 1977 by melting powdered zirconium and zirconium dioxide together at almost 5,000 degrees. It is simulated to be flawless, which makes it look completely transparent with a brighter fire than diamonds.

It’s pretty impossible to distinguish cubic zirconia from a diamond if you’re not a jewelry professional, but the fact that cubic zirconia is 75 percent heavier and often reflects more flashes of color may help you tell the difference.

Keep your antique engagement ring safe by either wearing it or storing it in a secure location. You don’t want to be the victim of a cubic zirconia swap!

Platinum diamond engagement rings outshine gold

Platinum is finally less expensive than gold!Platinum jewelry has always been more expensive than gold, but recently, the price of gold has soared to record highs, making platinum a more practical and valuable setting choice for diamond engagement rings.

The benefits of a platinum engagement ring are plentiful. The purity of the metal means that it never fades or tarnishes, and the color won’t cast itself into the color of the diamond.

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The metal is durable and resistant to wear, which means your precious gems will be protected for a lifetime and will be held securely. No need to worry about whether or not your antique diamond will ever fall out!

You can clean platinum jewelry the same way you would clean other fine jewelry – with mild soap and water, a soft cloth or a jewelry cleaning solution. Like other metals, platinum can be scratched, so it’s important to store your pieces separately and take off your vintage diamond engagement ring  when you’re doing heavy work. If you’re working with bleach or other harsh chemicals, the metal won’t be impacted, but the gemstones may become discolored, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sapphire engagement rings are popping up everywhere

Sapphire engagement rings are taking over!Ever since Prince William gave Kate Middleton her vintage engagement ring, sapphires have been popping up in wedding rings everywhere.

Public demand for antique engagement rings with sapphires began back in 1919, when diamond sales were declining. Because sapphires are the second hardest gems and are extremely durable, they’re a functional choice for ladies who plan to wear their baubles on a daily basis. Estate engagement rings featuring sapphires are often passed on as heirlooms as a result of their superior durability.

The various shades of blue and even yellow and pink sapphires add interest and a pop of color to any vintage ring. The most valuable color is a rich medium blue, which stays constant in any light and can look great with any ensemble. Because it’s the birthstone for September, a sapphire engagement ring is a perfect choice for women who were born in the ninth month of the year.

Some believe sapphires have mystical properties and can bring the wearer peace, serenity and success. It’s no wonder so many famous people and even royalty possess jewelry featuring this gemstone. Whether you believe in the myths or not, sapphire vintage engagement rings are always a good choice when you’re looking for something really special.