Paris hosts ‘Jewelry Day’ to showcase innovative pieces

Paris hosts 'Jewelry Day' to showcase innovative piecesLast week, Paris, France, was home to “Jewelry Day,” an event designed to show off and create discussion based on creatively crafted jewelry pieces that serve as wearable art.

The New York Times reports that the Place Vendome, a venue which played host to the event, framed the pieces on display within the context of two themes: technology and nature.

Among the items featured was a bejeweled elephant cocktail ring that boasted a glittering emerald as a focal point.

The two themes might seem to conflict, but the news source points out that, “For high jewelry, made almost entirely by hand, technology is still part of the process, as computers are used to develop images and calculate geometric patterns.”

Those who didn’t catch the exhibition at the city of lights can still make it a point to peruse the estate jewelry options available to them. Vintage and estate items offers jewelry aficionados with plenty of timeless pieces that speak to specific decades and eras in fashion.

Pearls and something blue: Wedding jewelry trends for Spring 2011

Pearls and something blue: Wedding jewelry trends for Spring 2011Wedding jewelry is often one of the last things that brides-to-be consider when planning their nuptials, but the accessories should both complement the style of dress that’s chosen for their big day, as well as reflect the sensibilities of the entire event.

This season, floating pearl accessories, as well as colorful baubles that serve as brides’ “something blues” promise to be popular.

Women who love the classic look and touch of pearls, but long for a slightly more colorful option, might want to choose colored pearls. Gray, pink or even black pearls will look elegant but offer an unique twist on traditional bridal jewelry.

Brides who are in need of their “something blues” might choose a sapphire pendant necklace or a vintage brooch that’s beset with diamonds and turquoise.

Some women who wish to wear vintage jewelry pieces that have been in their families for generations (but don’t match their wedding day attire) opt to pin a brooch, ring or bracelet somewhere out of site, such as the inside of their skirts.

Vintage jewelry auction to fund Salvation Army in Iowa

Vintage jewelry auction to fund Salvation Army in IowaFans of vintage jewelry and those who wish to support the Salvation Army in Keokuk, Iowa, will have the opportunity to bid for 11 gold rings this week. The gold rings feature colored gems, and they’ll be made available to the public via a silent auction, according to the

Major Diana Amick told the news source that the organization was hoping to raise $93,000 over the holiday season, but that they fell $12,000 short of that goal. The proceeds from the auction will help subsidize utility payments and purchase food and clothing for those in need, the news source reports.


Among the rings that are included for auction are a cocktail ring that features 1 carat in diamonds, a 14 karat men’s wedding band, a yellow-gold ring featuring a garnet stone and diamonds, and a white gold ring beset with a .25 carat diamond ring and seven smaller diamonds, according to the news provider.

Couples who are searching for the perfect vintage engagement rings or wedding rings might consider estate jewelry. Estate jewelry items are available from a variety of decades, and the unique pieces will allow couples a variety of choices.

Couples compete for diamond ring in kissing marathon

Couples compete for diamond ring in kissing marathonWhat would you do for a diamond ring? Some couples in St. Augustine, Florida, were willing to lock lips – without a reprieve – for hours on end. The contest, dubbed “Kissing for Cancer,” was slated to take place on Saturday, January 29, and all proceeds were to benefit the American Cancer Society, according to ABC affiliate WJXX.

Kissing for a whole day might seem like a tall order, but if the couple’s break their embrace they’re immediately disqualified.

One pair who entered the contest, Mike Lopez and his girlfriend, Dina Marzec, spoke to the news source about their preparation for the big event, and said that they practiced standing and sitting for long periods of time while joined at the lips. The two plan to become engaged, but Lopez couldn’t afford a ring.

Couples who are planning an engagement and searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring could search for vintage engagement rings. The timeless pieces are unique and one of a kind, and brides-to-be can choose a style that best fits with their personal aesthetic.

Showcasing estate jewelry

Showcasing estate jewelryIf you have a formal event coming up on your calendar, it’s likely that you’re considering the dresses in your closet and the pieces in your jewelry box in an effort to come up with a flattering and stylish ensemble. Black-tie events offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your favorite estate jewelry or vintage jewelry pieces.

A black dress with simple lines will allow you to accessorize to your heart’s content and showcase your eye-catching pieces. Don’t be shy about showing off your one-of-a-kind items or be hesitant to browse around for new additions to your collection.


If your cocktail rings are your pride and joy, wear one on each hand. Diamond and pearl cocktail rings will look classic, while bright ruby or emerald rings will be conversation starters. If glittering bracelets are your signature items, pile them on, or wear one bold bracelet on each wrist.

Women who are inspired by fashions from years past can pair their little black dresses with ropes of pearls – several strands of differing lengths look glamorous, not stuffy.

Chandelier earrings or drop earrings will look elegant if you plan to tie your hair back. Women who are wearing their hair down can don diamond stud earrings or pearl studs.

Caring for your pearls

Over time, frequently-worn pearls might develop a deeper luster if worn carefully.Women have loved pearl necklaces, bracelets and cocktail rings for decades. Happily, when they’re properly cared for, the vintage jewelry items should last for generations. Here are a few tips for ladies who want to make sure that they’ll be able to enjoy their pearl jewelry for years to come.

1 Wear them! First and foremost, women shouldn’t be afraid to don their pearl pieces. The oils on our skin are actually good for the pearls. Over time, frequently-worn pearls might develop a deeper luster if worn carefully.

2 Be mindful of chemicals. Though the oils on our skin are good for the iridescent orbs, the perfumes, soaps and lotions we wear on a daily basis might be harmful. Take care not to apply scent or moisturizers to your neck and wrists if you plan to wear a pearl necklace or bracelet for the day.

3 Clean them gently. Pearls should be carefully wiped down with a smooth cloth after each wearing. Don’t use soap on the pieces. Also, take care not to fall asleep in the pieces, as sweat might damage the pearls.

Michelle Williams wears vintage-style watch on the red carpet

Michelle Williams wears vintage-style watch on the red carpetMichelle Williams always looks lovely, and the starlet seems to favor a classic look that lends itself well to vintage jewelry. Her appearance at the 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards was no exception, and the blond beauty wore a white Balenciaga dress, paired with what looked like a vintage watch.

Small and delicate vintage-style watches have been popular this season, and the timepiece that Williams wore while she made her way down the red carpet seemed especially on-trend. It boasted a slim gold band and a feminine face.


Women who adore retro fashions and favor outfits inspired by decades past might consider investigating their vintage jewelry options. An old-school watch such as the one Williams wore, or an Art Deco-inspired cocktail ring, would perfectly complement a vintage-inspired look at a formal affair.

Those who are a bit more adventurous with their vintage jewelry could invest in a brooch. Though pins are not as frequently worn today, the unique jewelry pieces are sure to garner plenty of compliments and admiring glances.

Top 3 ways to wear colorful bracelets

Top 3 ways to wear colorful braceletsWhen it comes to jewelry, colorful bracelets are among the most fun and versatile pieces. They can add a pop of pigment to a dark ensemble, or complement a brightly hued outfit.

Vintage bracelets that feature turquoise, coral, mother of pearl and gemstones are all beautiful options for women who are searching for colorful statement pieces. Here are our top three ways to wear the items.

1 With an all-black outfit. Wear your bright bracelets with a black pencil skirt (or narrow black pants) and a soft black top. The dark duds will highlight the bracelet for a chic, fashion-forward look.

2 With a casual ensemble. Don’t be afraid to pair your pretty baubles with a relaxed outfit while you’re running errands around town. An eye-catching bracelet will kick your t-shirt and jeans up a notch and give you an effortlessly stylish vibe.

3 With other bracelets. Though stacked gold bangle bracelets boast a classically glamorous look, pairing bracelets from different eras together creates a unique style. Try a vintage turquoise bracelet with a gold bangle, or a pearl bracelet, for a hip look.

Will Michelle Obama’s earrings cause a jewelry trend?

Will Michelle Obama's earrings cause a jewelry trend?Michelle Obama’s choice to wear a bright red dress designed by the late Alexander McQueen to the state dinner for China in January certainly caused a stir in both fashion and political circles. Some critics felt that she should have worn an American designer’s creation, while others defended her right to don the labels of her choice.

However, Women’s Wear Daily and the New York Times recently honed in on another aspect of her wardrobe: the drop earrings she donned at the state of the union address.

The elegant pieces, which were created by a fairly unknown designer, Kara Ross, are drop earrings that perfectly complemented the First Lady’s silvery ensemble.

The mother of pearl earrings and stacked bangle bracelets that she donned were timeless and appropriate, and The New York Times also called attention to the black-and-white bow pin she wore, which was meant to serve as a symbol of non-violence.

Women who wish to emulate the First Lady’s look, which is fashion-conscious but purposefully classic, can search for vintage earrings and brooches, and seek out estate jewelry pieces.

The top 3 estate jewelry pieces to give this Valentines Day

The top 3 estate jewelry pieces to give this Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, which means that many men are gearing up their quests for the perfect gifts. However, with a variety of styles and options available to them, it might not be easy to find a meaningful and pretty token of their affections.

Here are three of our favorite estate jewelry pieces to gift this Valentine’s Day.

1. A glittering cocktail ring. For married men who have already bought the women in their lives diamond rings, this gift will offer a second opportunity to put a smile on her face and something sparkly on her finger. Search for emerald, sapphire or ruby cocktail rings that boast a vintage or retro flair.

2. A vintage watch. A vintage timepiece is both practical and fashion forward. She’ll be sure to appreciate a watch that will stand the test of time, and she’ll think of you every time she glances at it.

3. A cuff bracelet. Colorful and elegant bracelets make for great gifts: they can be worn in a variety of settings (they’ll be as appropriate at a house party as they are at the workplace), and classic estate jewelry pieces will serve to add a pop of color or shimmer to any outfit years to come.