Frequently Asked Questions

How long/big is a mm (millimeter) in inches?

Please use this table to approximate:

51mm is equal to 2 inches
25.5mm is equal to 1 inch
13mm is equal to 1/2 inch
6.5mm is equal to 1/4 inch Back to Questions

Approximately how heavy is a gram?

Please use these to approximate

A US Nickel coin weighs about 5g
A US Penny coin weighs about 2.5g Back to Questions

Do You Resize Rings?

Yes! Most rings can be resized up or down one or more sizes, some are limited. We encourage contacting us to confirm the ring can be safely sized to fit. Please visit our resizing page for more information.Back to Questions

Are these items Solid Gold and Platinum or plated or gold-filled?

All of the fine jewelry items we have listed are solid gold and platinum. We do not have a single plated or gold filled item in our inventory. There are different alloys/purities of solid gold, these are 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K (pure gold). All the items we have listed are stamped/hallmarked with the appropriate karat weight. If no stamp remains visible or none was present we have thoroughly tested the material and reported the appropriate karat weight. Back to Questions

Are these Genuine Diamonds and Natural Gemstones or synthetic and man-made stones?

All of our diamonds are natural mined genuine diamonds. It is our policy not list any synthetic or man made diamonds. Almost all of our gemstones are Natural Mined Gemstones. We do have some fine jewelry items that feature the highest quality created or man made gemstones. For these items the gemstones are clearly listed as CREATED. Back to Questions

Do you treat or enhance your gemstones for clarity or color?

We do not treat or enhance our gemstones. We carefully clean and polish our jewelry when necessary. Because all our items are antique vintage and estate pieces, we cannot guarantee that no permanent treatments have been done historically to the items, however any information we have about these specific treatments we will have listed in the item description. Back to Questions